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Super Work

Creating a masterpiece with friends!

McDonald's Roleplay

Picture 1 Guntaas made a castle with Kushdeep inside!
Picture 2 Hartaj and Muhammad make a swimming pool
Picture 3 Matching the Numicon to the correct numeral
Picture 4 Kruti and Humaira spell the word 'apple'
Picture 5 Hasnain spells the word 'sock'
Picture 6 Ibraaheem writes the word 'sat'
Picture 7 Great team effort!
Picture 8 Driving away together!
Picture 9 Hartaj and Ibraaheem build a 'road maker'
Picture 10 Muhammad's flying car
Picture 11 Hasnain's spacecraft
Picture 12 Ammaar's areoplane
Picture 13 Jasmine counts the number bottles by herself!
Picture 14 Amina's delicious strawberry cake!
Picture 15 Jay observes a worm
Picture 16 Amienah made a 'teapot' out of play dough
Picture 17 Guntaas creates a Diwali scene using loose parts
Picture 18 Jay is making dominoes!
Picture 19 Muhmmad matches the animals to the photos
Picture 20 Kushdeep and Humaira create a jungle
Picture 21 Friends helping each other!
Picture 22 Hartaj made a 'playgorund'
Picture 23 Guntaas made Jasmine a necklace
Picture 24 Muhmmad creates squares and rectangles!
Picture 25 Dhruvisha made a cake using patterns
Picture 26 Ibraaheem's super vehicle!
Picture 27 Jasmine's cake with holes!
Picture 28 Building together
Picture 29 Amina writes 'I like' sentences
Picture 30 Ammaar makes a crown because he is King!
Picture 31 Faatimah traces leaves on the light box
Picture 32 Kushdeep & Kruti make a Supermarket shopping list
Picture 33 Amienah builds a bird house
Picture 34 Amina builds a block of shops using patterns
Picture 35 Nusaybah builds a red house
Picture 36 Jasmine makes a strawberry cake!
Picture 37 Kushdeep makes a dress out of play dough
Picture 38 The girls are having a Birthday party!
Picture 39 Muhammad & Guntaas practise writing their sounds
Picture 40 Umar practises writing words with 'ck'
Picture 41 Nusaybah practises writing the letter 'u'
Picture 42 Younes practises writing his sound 'u'
Picture 43 Muhammad creates a house using Atelier
Picture 44 Younes moulds a diva lamp made out of salt dough
Picture 45 Nusaybah independently writes 'mum'
Picture 46 Dhruvisha designs a dress!
Picture 47 Jasmine attempts to write a list
Picture 48 Hamida draws a large train!
Picture 49 Nusaybah is having a party at her castle
Picture 50 The girls are busy drawing & writing!
Picture 51 Dhruvisha makes a bed for the monkey
Picture 52 Humaira uses her phonics sounds to write words
Picture 53 Ammaar drew a picture of Spiderman!
Picture 54 Prabhjit drew some rules for our class.
Picture 55 Humaira makes a house using Atelier
Picture 56 The girls build a castle using blocks and sticks!
Picture 57 Jasmine makes a building using stickle bricks
Picture 58 Kruti builds a house using blocks
Picture 59 Hanika builds a castle using blocks
Picture 60 Hajra builds a tower using blocks
Picture 61 Humaira orders the numbers to 20 using the logs
Picture 62 Amienah creates a chicken using craft
Picture 63 The girls build a house with their rooms
Picture 64 Prabhjit makes an aeroplane using craft
Picture 65 Hajra makes a house using lollipop sticks
Picture 66 Ibraaheem makes an aeroplane using Lego
Picture 67 The girls build a castle with a pathway