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14th May Message

Good morning Mount Rushmore,


I love it when the sun is shining.  It makes me want to get up and go - and seize the day!

And so for today, as your teacher, my advise to you is to go out and take some exercise.  Alongside reading, exercise is fundamental for a fit body and mind.  The government has changed guidance from 1 day of exercise allowed, to more than 1 exercise per day.  So as long as you are socially distancing, and with members of your own household, why not go for a walk? Try a run? You are so lucky many of you have Spinney Hill Park near you.  Have a stroll round the park and absorb the nature! Go for a bike ride, if you have a bike (and it is working order and you know how to ride safely.)  I promise you will feel better for it. 


During the lockdown, we can’t do the normal things we may do such as go to Primark or go for a chicken wing meal at Maryland! But, exercise is far more superior to any of that anyhow!  So go and exercise – go outdoors!  Enjoy the sunshine!  It could be worse: lockdown could have happened during the bitterly cold and wet months of December!


All the best!