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15th May Message

Dear Mount Rushmore,


Weather is gloomy today! So I am going to spend the day planning some science lessons (but I shall venture out for a walk at some point!) I hope you have something planned for today? Help out with dinner? Bake a cake? Learn to sing a song!


This will be, unfortunately (or perhaps fortunately for some of you) the last message I put on the website for you. 


This is because next week, I will be in school with Miss Bhayani, with the small group of children who still come to school.  The week after this will be the half term holiday.  And then the week after that, as the government as stated, year groups will be back in school.


So I would like to say that I have thoroughly enjoyed putting messages up for you and I hope that you continue to work through the resources on the website, exercise and most importantly read!

Hope to see you soon.


Miss Idris