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Good morning parents and children. The weather is so different from last week! It's so cold and windy, I have actually had to put the heating on.

I hope you had a great weekend and that you are well and safe. If you have been watching the local news, you will know that Leicester has seen a rise in Covid cases and so we need to make sure that you all stay safe at home and if you are in school, I know all the teachers are looking after you and are making sure you are all safe.


Parents please read the messages that you are receiving on Parent App as there is some really useful information that you need to be aware of. On Thursday schools will close for all children (it is only open for key worker/ vulnerable children). 


Have a look at Harold's Mindful Monday and try some of the activities.

Follow the link below to see. 


Here’s the link to it:


I hope you have a good week.


Mrs. Patel xxxxx






Hello everyone. I hope you are all safe and well. For some of you, today will be your last day at school as school is closed from tomorrow. I hope that your parents all picked up your summer learning packs and your reports from school yesterday. Please try and do the activities, as it will prepare you for when you start Year 1 in September. You should all know who your new class teachers are to.

 There are 3 Year 1 classes.

Mrs. Dulay

Mrs. Patel and Mrs. Mahil

Miss. Rai

You will all have a fantastic time, whichever class you are in. We are really sad that we did not get to say goodbye to you all, but we will still see you at school in September. Please keep messaging us on


Have a nice day,


Mrs. Patel xxxxx




Good morning children and parents and welcome to fun Friday.I hope that you are all safe and well (I know I keep saying this, but it's really important that we all look after ourselves at the moment). This will be the last day of our web based learning. From next week we would like you all to start using your summer learning packs.

There are enough activities in these to keep you going all summer. I cannot stress enough how important it is that you complete these activities. It will help you so much when you begin in year 1. Please continue to use active learn and spelling shed to.

It has been a very difficult time for us all, but together we will get through this. It is very sad that we have not got to say our proper goodbyes or have an end of term party but we will still see you in year 1.

I would also like o take this opportunity to say how all your teachers are so very proud of you. Keep shining and be the best that you can be !!!!!!.


Keep Smiling,


Mrs. Patel xxxx