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30th April Message

Good Morning!

What this video and then read below...

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  • A riddle is a question or statement deliberately worded so you have to work out what it is.
  • Do not spoil the fun and look online for these answers.  Try and work it out yourselves.
  • I shall give you the answers tomorrow.
  1. What’s green, but not a leaf; copies others, but is not a monkey?
  2. What sleeps through the day and cries through the night. The more it cries, the more it creates light?
  3. What’s worth more after it’s broken?
  4. You can eat me at night, but never in the morning. What am I?
  5. I am hard like stone, but I grow on your body. What am I?
  6. You cannot come in or go out without me. What am I?
  7. I am a number. When you add the letter G to me, I go away. What number am I?