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Adventures at the forest

'The best classroom and the richest cupboard is roofed only by the sky'   Margaret Mcmillan

Our ‘open classroom’ is a great way to explore and learn. One of our weekly visits to the forest.

We notice leaves are growing on the trees.
The weather has changed since Winter.
Some trees are still bare.
The forest is a magical place for us to explore.
Spring time....we see Daffodils blooming.
We see buds growing, what might these grow into?
The sheltered area, for a quick talk.

Our Forest visit ignites our imagination - Forest Art

Muhammad Valli's 'Trees in the Forest'
Mohsina.Zainab's  'Deep in the forest I can see'..
Fatima. A   'Trees blowing in the wind'
Krish   'Lots o trees in the forest'