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Class Shout Outs

Reading - 'Active Learn'

Well done you have been busy reading. Look below to see who has been busy reading and how many books they have read.  Make sure that you  read the whole book, enjoy and take your time reading just like we do when we read in class. This week our top 5 readers are:


  • Muhammad. V  43   You have been super busy - well done superstar, we are really proud of you!!
  • Wassim  37          Wassim you are doing really well - keep going, you can do it!!
  • Aisha.P  29          Just look at you Aisha - doing really well, so proud of you!! 
  • Zam zam  27        Great reading Zam Zam we are so proud of you!!
  • Zara K    26         Zara fantastic - you are doing really well!!
  • Well done everyone - lets see if you can get into our top 5 next week.
  • Easa D  24                 Well done Easa you almost got into our top 5
  • Shafi 19
  • Umar. E 16
  • Sarah  13
  • Muhammad.P  11
  • Umar.P  9
  • Umar.E  4
  • Hafsa 1

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Spelling - 'Spelling Shed'

Well done we are doing really well, we are currently number 1 on the leaderboard we have moved up, as we were number 6 last week. This means that you are all working super hard.  Our grand total being 143,882,954  well done we did it!!

Look at our top 5 scores below. How many points have you collected? You must be super spellers by now!!


  1. Muhammad. valli   96,110,984   Amazing - you are our top speller!!
  2. Wassim Lefki        17,501,120    Wow! Wassim we are super proud of you - keep going.
  3. Zara Kassimi        9,10741630    Zara - you are speeding ahead - fantastic!! 
  4. Adil Chowdhury  8,726718        Don't give up Adil you are doing really well!!
  5. Nira Khan            5,650418        Well done Nira you are trying really hard!!



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