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Day 2

Shape - Day 2

You will need any paper, scissors and glue

Cut out some 2D shapes- how do you know what a 2D shape is?

What picture can you make, using the shapes you have cut out?

Complete day 2 of your Maths learning

NUMBERJACKS | Very Shapely | S2E3

The Shape Japer is into extreme shapes - 6 gets busy sorting things out. Numberjacks: 1, 3, 4, 5, 6 Agents: 99, 72, 27 FUN FACT! WHAT is Numberjacks? It is a...

Day 2    Writing activity  'Bubbling Magic Potion' 

  • Watch today's story 'Room on the Broom'(see below for story). Witches often create their own Magic Potions.
  • If you were  going to create your own Magical Potion what would you put inside?
  • See Potion ingredients for ideas, talk about the ingredient you would add, pretend to actually make it....BE CREATIVE!!!
  • Now it's time to Write down your ingredients. Think about the sounds that you can hear in order and write them down.
  • Print off a cauldron or draw a cauldron inside your writing book - write your ingredients inside.

Day 2- Tricky words is - are.


Watch and practise how to form your letters correctly.

Room on the Broom

Read your books given to you everyday and use the active learn website to read the bug club books online.
Now relax and enjoy a story!

Alphablocks Series 3 - Beep

ee sound

Washing your hands

Talk to your child about the importance of washing your hands and hygiene. 

Wash your hands whilst singing to Happy Birthday to you twice.