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Day 4

Day 4- counting forwards & backwards

Number Hunt 

You will need a paper and a pen

I want you to look around your house, really look carefully, use a magnifying glass if it helps.

What numbers can you see? Where did you find them?

Write down the numbers you find 

Can you order the numbers? 

What is the greatest number you can find?

What is the lowest number you found?

New Numberblocks Episodes with Twenty! Learn to count!

Numberblock 20 and New Series: Tall Stories, Flights of Fancy, I Can Count to Twenty, Heist! Very Nice learning video for kids with math education. #numberbl...

Day 4: Tricky Word- she (use your books to record your work please)

Have a go at this game and recap on your diagraphs-zz/qu/ch/th/ng

We made pictures for our windows today to put a smile on everyone's face. we wanted to say a BIG THANK YOU to our NHS and everyone that is helping. Please stay at home and stay safe. Why don't you have a go at making a picture for your window x

Writing Day 4   NHS - How do they help us?

Talk to your child about how important doctors and nurses are.  How do they help us?

Time to write: You could write on the 'People who help us sheet or in your writing books.

For example: The doctor helps..............

                      The nurse helps.............

Say your sentence, clap your sentence and then write your sentence.

What sounds can you hear in each word? remember to keep your writing neat.

Let's all be thankful for the amazing job doctors and nurses do.