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Day 7

Good Morning Reception laugh

I hope you are all enjoying your family time, alongside home learning.

I have a Tuesday morning challenge for you, are you helping with chores in your house?

Lets see how many points you can earn doing chores!smiley

 Here are some ideas:

1 Point-Get dressed with minimal parental help

1 Point-Make their bed with minimal parental help

1 Point-Bring their things from the car to the house

1 Point-Pick up their toys

1 Point-Wash hands


2 Points-Set the table with supervision

2 Points-Clear the table with supervision

2 Points-Help a parent prepare food

2 Points-Help a parent carry in the lighter groceries

2 Points-Sort colors for the laundry 


3 Points-Match socks after clothing is washed

3 Points-Answer the phone with parental assistance

3 Points-Be responsible for a pet’s food and water bowl

3 points-Dust with supervision

3 points- Hang up towels in the bathroom


4 points-Clean their room with supervision

4 Points-Clean floors with a dry mop


How many points will you earn today?

Matching Numbers

Applying math to a story

Numberblocks - Number Block Family | Learn to Count

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Day 7- Tricky Word- you (please use your writing books to record your work)

This week we will be recapping the diagraphs-ch/sh/th/and ng.

Can you read the ch words and sentences?

Can you go on a ch hunt at home. Try and spot these things. chin/cheek/chain/cheese (get an adult to help you). Can you find or think of anymore?

'ch' Words | Blending Phonics Phase 3

Day 7  Writing     Easter Basket - What will I put in my basket?

Watch the video below and follow the instruction carefully to make your basket.  You do not need a paper cutter or even coloured paper. You can cut paper strips with scissors and draw patterns/shapes on the strips. Ask your child why they think we have made this basket. Explain that tomorrow we will be making something special to put inside our basket. 

Ask your child: What do you think I will put in my basket tomorrow?

Now here is the writing part 

  • In your writing book encourage your child to write down their ideas.
  • What do you think I will put in my basket?
  • Let your child write down all of  their ideas and make a list.
  • Reinforce thinking about the sounds that they can hear in order
  • Don't forget to use your sound mat to help you form letters correctly.
  • Enjoy and keep those baskets for tomorow.

A little secret:

Parents you will need some ingredients for tomorrow - these are items that you are likely to have in your house. 

  1. Cooking or normal chocolate(any chocolate that you have at home) 
  2. Rice crispies/ shredded wheat or any cereal you have at home
  3. Golden syrup(not essential)
  4. mini eggs(not essential)
  5. cup cases



Good Morning Foundation.


As the weather is changing, let's do a weather chart to record the changes. 

Talk about what the weather is like each day. 

Is it cold, warm, hot,  windy, sunny, raining, hailing, foggy. Is there a  rainbow outside?

You can have a go at drawing your own weather chart or print the one attached.

After completing the chart have a go at writing your findings. smiley