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Day 8

Good Morning Superstars! I miss our good morning song!

In fact i may sing it and upload it so you can join in at home too!

We began our morning like we do every day, we looked at the date, colour, sound/letter and number. We then use our magnifying glasses and hunt for those things all day! How can you do this at home?

My children are currently obsessed with gift bags. They pick a gift bag and we fill it up with things they are interested in that day. Today they filled it with stamps felt tips and paper. I practiced my letter formation and sounds.

We also read our favourite books, I love We're going on a bear hunt. what books do you love? Would you like me to do a story time reading this book?


Mums and Dads I hope you are all doing ok as well. I know how hard it can be, working from home, looking after little people and doing all the housework. I hope you are looking after yourselves too. Remember little and often learning makes it easier and fun for all. Today my little one wasnt feeling very well so all we did in the afternoon was cuddle, laundry had to wait, ironing had to wait, cleaning waited and we just enjoyed our cuddles.

Enjoy your cuddles x