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Internet Safety and Harm

Parenting in the Digital World have developed some fantastic resources to support parents to understand the challenges of keeping your child safe on line.

Technology changes quickly and it can feel like your child knows more than you.

This page is designed to support you as a parent and build your confidence so that you can have a conversation with your child about internet safety.

Here is a link to their website for lots more information.

This guide talks you through the challenges of our digital world.


These leaflet gives you advice for different age groups.

Balancing Screen Time

A huge challenge for all parents is balancing how much time our children are on a device. It can feel like they spend all day on a device and don't choose other things. Click in the section below and you will find guides for different year groups.



Gaming is complex and everchanging. Gaming can have a social context to it as well - children talk to other people. Below find out what is appropriate for each age group.


Digital Piracy

Streaming illegally can expose a child to cyber threats, disturbing pop-ups and harmful content. It does not just include websites but risks on streaming devices, mobile apps and connected tvs.

Here is information to support you

Tips to build a good online reputation