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Writing Sentences

Today we will be writing our own sentences using tricky words that we have learnt in class.

Parents - please read each sentence out to your child.

Do not show your child the words.


  1. First say the sentence loudly.
  2. Then count how many words you can hear in the sentence.
  3. Clap the sentence.
  4. Now your child is ready to write in their writing book.

Here are some sentences. They start of simple and get harder. Choose the level that your child is at and then challenge them further. Your child does not have to write them all. Remind your child to keep their writing neat.

Purple = tricky words(do not break them up)   red=two letters that make one sound  green= three letters that make one sound


I can run and hop.

The red car was fast.

I can see lots of slugs.

The cat is sat on the bench.

I can see a pink flower in the garden.

I went running in the park at night

Lightning and thunder near the river