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Fun activities you can try at home

Oobleck - A non-newtonion fluid

When you make your slime, I would like you to answer the following questions:
Push Test -- Can you push into it?
Pick-Up Test -- If you pick some up, does it all come up?
Pour Test -- Does it pour out smoothly, or does it just fall out in a clump?
Shape Test -- Does it keep the same shape?

Fireworks in a glass

Have fun trying out this cool science experiment. After you have done so, answer the following questions (present these how you like, i.e. a poster, leaflet, etc):
1. Why does the oil not mix in with the water?
2. Why does the food colouring sink to the bottom?
3. Why do some blobs of food colouring sink to the bottom and then rise again?

Origami frog

Can you make your origami frog jump?