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Goodbye but see you soon!

Wednesday 10th June 


Hello children, I hope you are doing well! It has been a while since you’ve heard from me so I thought I would provide you with an update. I have been super busy at school teaching again! It has been lovely to see some of you again. We have been busy getting back into learning at school and creating some fantastic art pieces in the afternoon! The children and I have also been working on our fitness and I’m ashamed to admit that the children are much fitter than I am!!! I have shared some pictures below of what we have been doing. I would love to see what you have been doing at home. Don’t forget to email me pictures of what you have been doing. 

It was lovely to be able to speak to some of you over the phone this week! I am so proud to hear about how you all have been persevering whilst at home during this strange time. 

Missing you all very much! 
Miss Rai 



Tuesday 20th May 2020


Hello all you lovely children, I hope that you and your families are well. How beautiful has the weather been?! I am enjoying the sun so much and I hope that you are too. I wonder what you have all been up to, perhaps you could send me a quick update via the parents email- It would be lovely to hear from you all. I miss you all so much and I cannot wait to see you again, it has been so strange being unable to talk to you all about what I have been up to. Until I can see you all again these updates will just have to do! As you all know I LOVE meditating and participating in yoga (which I also miss doing with all of you!!!). Whilst at home I have been trying to perfect some of my favourite yoga positions so I have shared some pictures of me doing so. Below you will see me meditating, well trying to, the Rai household tends to be noisy for most of the day!!:( It just means I have had to work extra hard and concentrate even more when meditating to try and block out all of the other noises. The other picture is of me attempting the 'downward dog' position and I am super proud to tell you that I can now keep my feet flat on the ground whilst doing this position! 


I know how much you all enjoyed meditating and doing yoga with me so I have attached some links for you. Maybe you could have a go and send me some pictures or a video! I have also attached some relaxing music links for you plus a couple of extra links of our favourite end of day songs! Enjoy :)


 Miss you and see you all soon, Miss Rai 



Relaxing Music/Meditation



Monday 4th May 


Hello children, I hope you are doing well and are continuing to enjoy your time at home learning new things. I thought I would show you what I’ve been up to recently. You guessed it- more baking!! Don’t worry I promise I have still been eating my all important ‘5 a day’ and I hope that you have been too! This week so far I have baked a cheesecake and let me tell you it was DELICIOUS!! I cannot believe that it has been about 7 weeks since I have seen you all. I bet most of you are nearly as tall as I am (not that you had far to go!) I cannot wait time see you all again soon. In the mean time why don’t you share what you’ve been up to via the parents email? It would be lovely to hear from you all. 

Stay safe and be sensible! From Miss Rai 


Still image for this video


Hello children! I hope you are well and staying safe. I baked some cookies this week and wanted to share them with you. Maybe you could make them with an adult? Remember to ask an adult before you do any baking so that they can help you with putting trays in and taking trays out of the oven! I hope you enjoy baking and eating them as much as I did! Send me an email with a picture if you do make them so that I can see how they turned out! 

I look forward to hearing from you soon.


Still image for this video

Hello children, 


How are you all? It's Miss Rai here. As most of you know in Year 1 I am not the most confident artist but I have been using this time away from school to not only set you work but also to work on my sketching skills! I hope I have given you some inspiration to practice your own sketching skills during the Easter Holidays. Share these pictures with your family and let me know what you think via the parent email! 


Speak to you all again very soon!