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Monday 4th May to Friday 8th May 2020 - Bird Boxes.


Hello everyone. I thought you might enjoy seeing the project which the children have completed this week at school. If you've got a pallet and tools at home maybe you could try making your own bird box. REMEMBER TO ASK AN ADULT TO HELP YOU. Follow the instructions below. Good luck!


  1. Carefully dismantle a pallet. Ask an adult to help you.
  2. Use a wood saw, bench hook and G-clamp to cut out the 6 sides of the bird box.
  3. Ask an adult to drill pilot holes and a large hole in the front for the birds to enter and exit the finished box.
  4. Using a hammer and nails, attach the six parts to form the bird box.
  5. Now decorate your bird box with paint.
  6. To stop the rain from entering your bird box, add a corrugated plastic roof with two clout nails.
  7. To make the bird box weatherproof, cover it with a clear varnish or PVA glue.
  8. Congratulations, your bird box is complete! Now find a place to position it outside for the birds to use.
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Hello everyone!


We hope you all had a fantastic week! Today was the last day of week 4!


First of all, thank you to everyone who watered our plants as our carrots have started to grow!!! We started the week by attempting the fireworks in a glass experiment. One actually ended up looking more like a lava lamp! I have to admit it looked pretty cool. We tried a milk colour rainbow experiment too. We wanted to make slime but we didn't have enough ingredients so learnt all about non-newtonion fluids instead and made oobleckk! The children love it they even took it home.


The children created a song/rap about coronavirus. They used musical instruments and created a song which sounded great! They even did a live performance just for Mr Ranzetta and Mrs Bhana! (ofcourse, social distancing was involved).


We spent the rest of the week creating cushions. The children all used their sewing, stitching and designing skills. A MASSIVE thank you to Mrs Bhana, the quality of the cushions was all down to her. We are so impressed with how great the cushions look! We then went on to making our very own easter egg pizzas!  We ended the week with a game of hide and seek and my goodness, we realised Miss Alimahomed is TERRIBLE at this game and Miss Patel is a champion at hiding in small spaces. 


We didn't have time to chalk a message on the floor. Today's message is 'always BELIEVE you can' 🙂


Next team, sing and water our plants please! You will have a lot of fun! We look forward to hearing all the great activities which take place.


Stay safe!


Miss Alimahomed and Miss Patel


Hello everyone,


Welcome to an overview of our second week here at Spinney Hill! It is strange, somewhat eerie here and it's just not the same without you all. We miss everyone's energy and enthusiasm that makes our school unique and such a wonderful community to be a part of.


This week we have been focusing on developing our mindfulness through art, yoga and meditation - a great way to focus your mind and find inner peace. As well as keeping our minds fulfilled, we have also ensured that our bodies have been kept active through gymnastics, rounders and basketball. We have also developed our creativity through clay pot modelling (using the pinch technique), creating mosaic Elmer elephants and composing acrostic poems.


As ever, the children at our school have been fantastic, always showing they are ready to learn, polite and respectful. New friendships have been made and we’ve all had a wonderful time. Don’t just take our word for it, here are some quotes from the children themselves:

“It was fun when we made our clay pots!”

“It was great to make colourful elephants and playing rounders.”

“I learned how to do yoga.”


We hope that you are keeping well, remaining positive during this challenging time and (of course) keeping up with your school work!


Mr Langley and Miss Anaxagorou.J

PS: Go wash you hands!

Week 2 activities

Good morning everyone!


We hope you are all keeping safe and staying at home.


We started this week feeling nervous and a little bit frightened. Why do we have to come to school whilst everyone else gets to stay at home, probably playing PS4?


On Monday, there was only 4 of us. We didn’t know each other and we were all feeling reluctant to get to know one another. However, we have all become good friends!


School has not felt like a chore as we thought it would. I know you think we are just exaggerating but we really have been having lots of fun! On Monday with Miss Begum and Miss Patel (Year 5), we made really cool mother’s day cards out of colourful materials. We also made origami flowers.


The rest of the week we have been with Miss Patel (Year 3) and Miss Alimahomed. On Tuesday, we did PE with Joe Wicks. Shall I tell you a little secret? We think Mr Pepper and Miss Magee were a little bit envious of him, so they decided to make their own videos. This will definitely give Joe a run for his money! Now we start off our days watching and learning from them. Go and check out their fantastic videos online, you will forget all about Joe.

Teachers do not worry we start off every morning doing the work you have set for us. We have then taken part in some very exciting fun activities. Can you believe we made some delicious, chocolatey treats to cheer up everyone in school? We had chocolate all over our faces, need we say more?


Our favourite part of the day has been creating an inspirational, positive message every day to cheer you all up at home. We feel like Picasso, using all these tools! We have made a great team developing our imagination, creativity and perseverance. Luckily, the weather has been on our side too.


Miss Alimahomed and Miss Patel are asking us to get ready for gardening, we will also have the opportunity later today to use glitter! We better go now.


I wonder what you all have been up to. We are looking forward to hearing from all of you!


Lots of love.



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