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Day 1 Writing our own story. First choose your characters

Day 1  Writing our own story. First choose your characters 1

Welcome back. We hope you had a great weekend. Over the next week we will be making up our own story and finally writing it. But first we must Plan our story.



Today we will decide who is in our story- a character is an animal or a person in a story. Look at the characters in the picture do you know any of them? Who are your favourite characters. Think back to ‘World book day’ who did you come dressed as to school? Choose any 3 characters and write down their names. 

Mrs Shaikh has chosen three of her favourite characters

Super man


baby bear

Draw a picture of your 3 chosen characters and write their names down.

Day 2 Planning our story Setting

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Today you will choose a place that you would like your story to be set. It can be any place you like. Mrs Shaikh explains a little bit more on the video.
Yesterday you decided who your three characters would be in your story.

Today draw a picture as big as you can with your story setting. Mrs Shaikh has decided to set her story in a dark scary jungle.
Today Mrs Shaikh will draw her jungle. Where would you like to set your story?
Write a few words describing your setting.
Mrs Shaikh will write: Dark, scary, jungle

Day 3 - Story ideas

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Today we are going to plan our story. You should know who your three charcters are. Also where your story is set. Today - what happens in your story? See Mrs Shaikh thinking through her ideas.
Write down a few ideas:
What happens to your characters?
What is the problem in the story?
How is the problem solved?
How does your story end?
We will begin to write our stories very soon. Today think your ideas through and enjoy being creative.

Day 4. Story writing- Writing our first sentence

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Today begin writing your first sentence. One day........ watch the video, it is important to talk about your ideas before writing. Write down the name of the three characters in your story.
Remember to write the sounds that you hear in order. Tomorrow we will describe our setting in our story, so each day we are only writing on sentence- but writing it well.

Day 5 Story beginning

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We are writing the beginning part of our story. Write about and describe your setting.
Hear sounds throughout the word.
Keep writing on lines
Keep writing neat.
Describe your setting
Enjoy writing the beginning part of your story.