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Welcome back everyone. We hope you had a lovely weekend.


Last week we began writing our story - we haven't given our story a name yet but this is something you could be thinking about as you are writing your story this week. I am going to call my story 'Superman to the rescue'. 


By now you will have written the beginning of your story. Do not worry if you haven't, begin writing your story this week.  If you have written about your 3 characters and where the story is set(happens). You are ready to write the next part - what happens next? What happens to your characters? where do they go? 


This is the next part in my story. Think about what your characters will do and say.

" " These marks are called speech marks, you will see them whenever a character is speaking in the story. See how Mrs Shaikh has used speech marks in her story.

Baby bear said "Let's play hide and seek".                       Superman said " I will look for you , you both hide". Baby bear and Cinderella hid in the Jungle.


Help your child to sound out each word. When you write a tricky word - do not break it up.

Remember it isn't about writing lots of words. It is about good quality of work and sentences that make sense. You have to keep re-reading your sentences again to make sure that they make sense.            
When writing clap the sentence and count how many words there are in each sentence.

Writing on the lines

Form your letters correctly
Keep you writing neat. 


What happens to your characters?

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Today let’s get a little further ahead with our story. We are going to write the main part of it. First talk about your story to someone and explain what happens to your Characters. What is the problem in the story? Talking is really important as it makes you clearer about what you want to write.


It is important to write a sentence at a time. Let’s see what happens next in Mrs Shaikh’s story.

What is the problem in the story?

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Write each sentence neatly.

Re-read your sentence again. 

Make sure that your story makes sense.


Your story will be taking shape by now. This is our first time writing a story so don’t worry if it isn’t perfect. The more regularly we have a go at making up our own stories and writing them the better we will get. 

The next part of my story

The next part of my story 1
The next part of my story 2
He said “Help help” Superman heard him and he used his x-ray vision to find Baby Bear. Cinderella said “I will help”. Superman and Cinderella found Babybear and pulled him out of the hole.
Now it’s your turn - How is the problem solved in your story? Who comes to help and how?

Thursday - write the end of your story

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Write the end part of your story. Make sure that each sentence makes sense. Check by re-reading your story. Watch as Mrs Shaikh read her finished story. She will have a rest now and tomorrow she will write it neatly in her best writing.

Have you thought of a name for your story yet?

The End

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