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Transition Arrangements – June /July 2020


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1) Transition Videos – (available on our school website from Friday 19th June 2020)
You will get the chance to see some key staff and have a virtual tour of Madani. Watch it all the way for the funny bloopers at the end!
2) Transition Booklet – (you should receive this by Monday 22nd June 2020)
Make sure you watch the Transition video to help you complete this! This will introduce you to life at Madani, to your new your school ‘House’– and those acronyms - what does HEART mean? Don’t forget you will need to complete this before your ‘Tutor group Zoom meeting’ on Thursday 2nd July.
3) Year 6 Snapshot Visits – (you are going to be send your own visit timeslot – visits will start from Monday 22nd June)
You will have the opportunity to meet some members of your new Tutor Group and key staff including your Head of House at school. The meeting will take place in the outdoor fountain area, weather permitting. It will only be for 20 minutes and you will be in groups of a maximum of 8 students so we can socially distance! You will be sent a letter with a specific time to come to school. We can’t wait to see you so make sure you attend!


4) Head of House Calls / SENCo Phone calls – (you will receive a personal Phone call – calls will be on either Monday 22nd June or Tuesday 23rd June)
We want to hear from you - so your Head of House is going to give you a phone call! You (and your parents) will get a chance to speak with them to share the exciting things you are looking forward to when joining Madani. Don’t forget to ask any questions or discuss any worries you may have.
5) Form Group Virtual Zoom meeting - (you will receive a Zoom meeting invite for 2pm on Thursday 2nd July – you can meet by computer or phone!)
This is so exciting – you will get the chance to meet your whole Tutor group in one go… ‘virtually’ on Zoom! You will also meet some of our current students too! Remember to have your completed Transition Booklet as I hear there will be prizes!
Transition Week – Wednesday 26th August 2020 – Friday 28th August 2020


Visiting our Transitions webpage:
Phoning us via the office 0116 249 8080 at any time during the school day
Emailing us: