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Message 3! 19/05/20

Hey everyone!

It's been a while, how are you all doing? Really well I hope! Have you been enjoying the lovely weather? I know we can't really go anywhere, but soaking up some sun in your garden or going for a walk feels great. If you haven't been for a walk in a while, ask an adult to take you :) Or you could also do some exercises in your garden such as: jogging on the spot, star jumps, squats or some kick-ups with a ball? (my brother beat me in that challenge so i'm still working on that skill)


Also, I know many of you are fasting and I hope that your Ramadan is going really well. Have you been preparing for Eid? I hope that you have a great day celebrating with your family! You can let me know all about what you did when I see you!


On that note, I'm sure you've heard about children returning to school on the 1st of June (in 2 weeks!) I want to reassure you that Mrs Stretton and all the staff are preparing for your SAFE return. We will have many routines in place to keep you all very safe and happy to be back. If you want to know more, watch the returning to school videos that are on the website - go to the school website, click on key information. Then click on reopening of school arrangements and then click on information videos. Mrs Stretton also regularly updates parents and children on the PARENTSAPP and you MUST read the messages she sends. If you do not have the app, call the school. 


I hope you are all just as excited as me to be back, I can't wait to see your lovely faces as I have missed you all so much!!! If you are feeling nervous, speak to someone or send an email/message to school. It will be different coming back after so long, but in time you will settle back into the school routine and be happy to be with your friends and of course your favourite teacher - me! 


Keep smiling and i'll speak to you all soon - Miss Parmar