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Message from week beginning 04/05/20

Hi guys! 


I apologise for not writing to you last week, but I hope you have had a great week learning about statistics & the heart! I also would like to wish Ramadan Mubarak to those who are observing it.


Mariyah I got your message - thank you very much for sharing your fantastic review of the film you watched during Easter break! I absolutely loved your drawing of the heart - great to see the sketching skills, but also great to see you learning about the heart! Keep it up! If you would like me to share your work on the website, then do let me know!


I haven't done a lot since my last update, besides LOTS of planning! Also, I was not able to make banana bread as I can't find any flour and other ingredients ANYWHERE! I think everyone is baking like mad during this lockdown period, but to be honest I don't blame them! I love baking - I do make a scumtious cookie dough (like the one you get from Pizza Hut!) if you would like the recipe to this then get in touch! 


I have finally managed to film a video of me reading our class novel! I'm sorry about the poor quality, but this has been explained above the video. I hope you enjoy the videos and I will make one daily to finish the book off and then hopefully start a new one! If you have a book that you would like me to read then please do let me know through the parent email address, I will try my best to find one!


This week I also learnt how to make quizzes and host quiz nights with my family! My most recent quiz was all about general knowledge! Maybe I could make you one to try?


I have again been sketching (see image below). I find it very theraputic doing it after my evening meal, relaxing infront of the TV - or with music in the background. I wonder if any of you have tried drawing or sketching anything? I would love to know! 


Last weekend, I also took some time off my laptop to think about how to decorate my house! The walls are looking very bare and I have been hunting for some great art work to put up! I have decided to also have a family picture wall, with images of my family in lovely frames! So, this weekend I shall be trawling through my photo album trying to pick the best photos!



I thought about types of fun and creative tasks I could set for you guys, so this week I want to see if you can recycle your empty milk cartons or soda bottles and make something out of them!

This could be a milk carton elephant, a flower pot or an animal. There are lots of ideas on Google!

I will also try to make something and post a picture for you next week!


I hope you all have a lovely, safe week learning and being creative. 



Creativity is




taking risks

breaking rules

making mistakes

& most importantly, having FUN!


Best Wishes

Miss Bhayani (your favourite teacher!)