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Good morning Reception


We hope you are all well, we miss you all very much. We know how difficult it is staying at home, not being able to go out to the shops or to the park -  except for our one time out for exercise where we go out for a while. When you think about it, why are we being asked to do this?  Staying inside means less chance of getting germs on us, less germs mean we stay well and healthy. Our message for you today is - Look after each other and stay safe indoors. It's important for us to help our children understand this.


Love Mrs Shaikh and Mrs Khansmiley



Good morning Reception


We hope you are well. What have you been doing at home today? Are you beginning to  feeling bored, afterall we are spending so much more time in our homes than we ever have. Mrs Khan felt like she needed some fresh air today so she kept herself busy in her garden. See her gardening video below. Maybe you could have a go planting something in your garden or even inside the house. Enjoy watching her video and think about how you could keep yourself busy. Our message to you today is - It is important to keep busy and active throughout the day.


Love Mrs Shaikh and Mrs Khan


Mrs Khan keeps herself busy by planting some seeds.

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Enjoying spending time in the garden. Fresh air is good for you it is calming and just what we all need right now.


Good morning Reception


Hope you are all well, the sun is shining today and that makes us feel very happy. Today it is Mrs Shaikh’s mummy's birthday. Guess how old she is? 71 years old - that's right I said 71. However she doesn't look a day over 21. When I go for my daily walk I will pass by her house as she lives 14 doors away from me.  I will surely spend her next birthday with her. I have to remember to keep a distance right now and stay safe  so I won't go inside her house. Our message to you all today is things might be difficult right now, but they will get better.


Lots of love Mrs Shaikh and Mrs Khancool


Stay positive everyone

Enjoy the little things

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Good Morning Empire State Class


We hope you are all well and safe.

Today Mrs Khan is enjoying looking after her pet fish. Look at her lovely aquarium full of beautiful fish, each fish is different in its own way. What do you enjoy doing?  Our message to you today is find enjoyment in the little things around you, take your time to enjoy what you have. Send us photos or videos of you at home doing the things that you enjoy. 


Lots of love Mrs Shaikh and Mrs Khan








To our wonderful Empire State class


We hope that you are all well. Mrs Khan and I have been bursting to tell you our exciting news. Yesterday we received a message from Aisha’s mummy, well this just made our day. It was so lovely to hear from one of our parents and just to know that you are well and also busy with home learning activities. Please send us messages on parentsapp, this is how you can communicate with us. Let us know how you are. Send us your photos. Take a look at Aisha’s pizza making photos on our website in Wow moments. Our message today is, stay in touch let us know how you are. Make time to talk to your friends on the phone. A message from a friend will brighten up your day for sure.

Take care everyone 


Mrs Shaikh and Mrs Khan





Little tree

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Hello Empire State


Hope you are all well. I have been spending more time in the garden. A little tree that I had bought in the Summer holidays is transforming into the most beautiful tree. When I  had bought this tree at a car boot sale it was bare - no leaves or flowers totally bare!! Looking at it now you'd never believe me. I can't wait to see how my tree changes over the weeks.  Our message to you today is enjoy the beauty and the natural world - enjoy the changes you can see. Please send messages of you on parentapp let Mrs Khan and I know what you have been doing at home today.


Take care everyone

lots of love from

Mrs Shaikh and Mrs Khan

Cooking dinner

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Dear Empire State class

Hope everyone is well. Missing you all very much. Today I decided to cook one of my favourite foods. What did you eat today? Are you eating healthy food at home? As tempting as it is keep way from eating too many sweeties. Children why don’t you help your parents at breakfast, lunch or dinner time. Maybe you could help to set the table or even make something like chappatis like mine. Our message to you today is help your parents in any way you can and keep away from too many sweet food as tempting as it may be. Whatever you do please send us photos on parentsapp. Keep in touch with us this way.

Love Mrs Shaikh and Mrs Khan


To all of our Parents/carers and of course lovely children!!


How are you all today? We hope that you are all well and staying safe. We know that you have heard this message many a time but let us say it once more to you - Remember to wash your hands regularly and do all that you can to look after yourselves. 


Both Mrs Khan and I want to tell you that we think you are doing really well at home with your child. It is not easy to keep 'little ones' entertained, busy and learning throughout the day. Parents you are doing your best, believe this and don't be too hard on yourselves. If you haven't already make a simple timetable for your childs day. This is a good idea, we are not asking you to make a GCSE or ALevel intensive type of timetable but just one that has a few ideas written down for your childs day. Be sure to put in lots of breaks and make learning fun. If you join in the activities well that is even better!! Keeping busy and a routine will help you and your child in so many ways. 


We are recieving lots of  messages from parents showing children's work, keep sending those photos in. We save all home learning photos in our Wow!! moments section. Please check our Health and wellbeing section as this has some good ideas. If you have any good tips on Health and wellbeing do send a photo or video for us. Now for a  little secret...I'm thinking of making my very own face mask so watch out,!!  Have a look at Mrs Khan's healthy breakfast idea - It looks so yummy!! I think I will try that tomorrow. How could you make small changes to make your food healthier?


See our Easter activity ideas and keep busy over the Easter weekend.  Hope to see you all soon.

Mrs Shaikh and Mrs Khan




Welcome back everyone


We really hope that you had a great Easter holiday and a good rest. Mrs Khan and I are missing you and we can't wait to see you all. We know how hard you are all working and we want you to know that we are very proud of you.


Well done to all of our fantastic parents who are, each day doing their best to support their child at home. Teaching is not easy and that too at home - when your child probably just wants to play outside. Rest assured that you are doing your best,  spend time each day to enjoy a peaceful and relaxing time with your child.


Listen to what your child's worries are. Also parents if anything is worrying you please do tell us - we are here everyday to help you so just send a messaget to school for us. Thank you for all being so wonderful!!


Lots of love and best wishes

Mrs Shaikh and Mrs Khan