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We hope the children are enjoying some of the tasks we have suggested. Just to be clear, the dates we have included doesn't mean things need to be completed then or even in the correct order. We just used dates so that new tasks can be found easily. We've tried to give lots of suggestions. Find what works best for you and your children. Some other basics are cooking together, playing games, getting exercise, doing some art work, helping with household chores etc. All of these are valuable experiences for the children.


We hope you are all well,

Miss Kyle, Mrs Deshore, Mrs Kharodia, Mrs Westmoreland, Mrs Kassam, Miss Patel and Mr Birtles.


Good morning year 5!


So, who is doing 'P.E. with Joe' at 9am each day on Youtube? All of us teachers have been using it to exercise with our children at home. Mrs Deshore was telling us that her legs were a bit sore from yesterday and today I ended up sliding all over the place because I forgot to put my trainers on. Oops! I'm sure we'll get better if we keep trying.


Did you hear that Audible have made all children's books free to listen to? Also, David Walliams is reading a short story every day on his website ( - There are links to both on our main year 5 page.


Miss Kyle



Good Evening Year 5, 


How odd does it feel not to be at school!? I hope you have settled in to 'home schooling' and have found the resources on the website useful. Please send us an email if you are stuck or unsure about any of the work.

Here are some tips that I have found useful for being indoors and working:


  • Get up early! The same sort of time you would for school, get ready and feel fresh.
  • Create a timetable for the day, it could be similar to what we do daily in school. 
  • If you can, set up a space in your house where you can focus and study, with a bottle of water and the equipment you will need to work.
  • Have regular breaks - a walk in the garden (the weather has been lovely!)
  • Limit Ipad time - save it as a reward once you have finished enough work for the day.


Remember, this is a strange time for us all but we will get through it and be back to normal soon! Take this opportunity to make memories with your families, be creative, do things you enjoy and have fun.


Take care and speak soon.


Mrs Kharodia 



Good morning,

Work out done (we've decided to follow Joe at 9am and then Mr Pepper and Miss Magee later on in the day) and the day's work has started.

Did you spot the new link on our page?

It's fantastic! There's so much choice and they are full colour versions of the books. A whole library in your own home.


Keep well,

Miss Kyle


Quick update


I've just discovered that west end theatre musical production of 'The Wind in The Willows' is being streamed for free at the moment. Don't miss it!

March 25th 2020


Hello Year 5,


Hope are all well and have settled into being home schooled. I have found it is quite an adjustment as I am having to teach my daughter Anayah at home! I am not sure which is easier, teaching 31 children or my daughter!

I hope you have found the resources on our year 5 page useful and you have had a go at a range of tasks. I have found that having a timetable for each day is really helpful.

If you are struggling with accessing any resources or any of your accounts such as active learn, times table rock stars or spelling shed then please get in touch and we will do what we can to help you out.

I know this week has been a week of adjustment for us all, it is really important you all keep safe and look after yourselves by staying home.

Take care

Mrs Deshore


Good Morning all of you in Year 5,

It has certainly been an unusual week.  I would usually be looking forward to learning guitar later this morning but that will not be happening today.  Instead I am going to be trying to learn about the Ancient Greeks as my daughter needs to do this for her home learning.  It's not an area of history I have really researched before but in the next couple of weeks I am going to try and become a mini expert!

We have also been busy adding more areas for you to take a look at from home to the website.  Maths, English, topic, creative art ideas and more.

Don't forget to keep reading your books from school or using Active Learn to keep up your skills.  There is also your Time tables rock stars to use and the Spelling Shed to try and move yourselves up the leader board on.

Most importantly keep in touch with school if you have any problems there are office staff to answer your queries and the email 

Hope you get to take some exercise as well to stay fit and healthy - use the activity videos in the PE area on the school website if you like or sign yourselves up to Go Noodle.

Talk to you all again soon,

Mrs Westmoreland 



I forgot to also mention 2 new addition to the website - an 'Apps section' which we will keep adding new ideas to.  This is below the numbers for each year group on the class pages.

Secondly we have a new resource linked to Harold's Daily Diary.  This will give you ideas linked to exercise, being creative, helping others, connecting with others and mindfulness.  You can find the link below the class pages or it is here

Enjoy the sunshine today,

Mrs Westmoreland



I was looking forward to a visit to one of my favourite places over the Easter holidays - Chester Zoo.  This morning I found out that they are doing a 'virtual zoo tour' starting at 10am through their facebook page.  You will need an adult to support you in this but it will be an amazing opportunity to see some of their animals live.  Miss Kyle will be adding a writing activity linked to animals so this could be a great opportunity to think about what you might like to focus on.

Whatever you are doing today with your school work today try to stop for a moment and think of 3 things you are thankful for.  This could be linked to school, home or a hobby you have.

I'm off to try and keep up my PE with a morning work out. Have a good day,

Mrs Westmoreland 


Chester Zoo link and timetable



Good morning year 5,


Hope you are keeping active and entertained. The sunny weather helps, doesn't it?

My son's spending all day doing school work at the moment. Since he's now at secondary school, they have set him lots and lots to do and he has to send it in every day! Poor thing.


I had a look at spelling shed a little while ago. 5 Pompeii is number 6 in the league table - CCOOOMMMEEE OONNN POMPEII!! laugh Well done! Let's see if we can beat those classes who had a head start on us! hehe.

We're also at number 7 as 5ACK but that's just because of how some people's profiles had to be entered. That means our certain person who joined us from a school in London (I can't put names on here) has achieved 700,000 points all on her own! Well done K!


Miss Kyle



Happy Monday year 5!


Hope you all had a good weekend. Our highlights was starting to watch the 'Wind in the Willows' musical last night. It's quite long so we'll be finishing it today. It's so good that they're showing it for free at this time.


Another thing I played with was the 3D animal viewer. Have you heard about it? I tried the tiger and it landed right on my lap. It made me jump! I'll put a photo to show you how to do underneath this message.


Have a great week and remember to ask us if there's something you don't understand. I've added PDF versions of all the reading, English and spelling work so everyone will be able to open all the files now. If you do need help, please make sure that you explain what you need help with and which class you are in (as well as your name) so that we can get the emails.


Miss Kyle




Happy April 1st guys!

Did any of your trick your parents this morning (or get tricked?)


Anyhooo... I just thought I'd let you know that we have put some ideas of things you could do over the official Easter 'holidays' in a folder called... Easter Holiday Ideas (imaginative title, don't you think?). We won't be setting work each day for English, Maths and Reading but there should be plenty on the website now to keep you going. We'll get back to setting daily work on April 20th.


Don't forget that there are also all the sites like Bug Club, Spelling Shed (my class - we have dropped from 6th to 19th!!! What happened!!?) and the other links that we included on the main year 5 page.


Miss Kyle





Hi all of you.  The holiday period is nearly at an end and we hope you have enjoyed some of the activities we put on the website for you to try.

My daughter has particularly enjoyed the scavenger hunts which we have done in the house and while on our daily walks for exercise.  She wanted a big challenge yesterday so I asked her to create an A-Z of objects from in the house eg. A - an apple but I gave her a time limit to do it in.

She lay them all out in a row in our lounge and then I timed how long it took to put them all back.

I hope you have been keeping busy and are ready to try the activities next week for our usual class subjects.  I have been checking the spelling shed and Year 5 need to try and increase our place in the league - the challenge is set!

Don't forget to contact school if you need us for anything using the email

Take care of yourselves,

Mrs Westmoreland 

Monday 20th April


Good afternoon Year 5,


Hope you are all well and have enjoyed the break. I have enjoyed the break and spending time in the garden with my daughter who has enjoyed playing lots and making dens. We have also done some cooking using lots of chocolate! Hope you have had fun doing the Easter activities. This morning has been quite difficult to try and get my daughter to understand that the holidays are over and it is time to get back to home schooling. I also have found it strange as i got ready to start work but did not need to leave my house and come to school. I am sure it has probably been difficult for you too. I do hope you have had a productive morning. 

I hope you are all well and keeping safe. 

Take Care 

Mrs Deshore

Hello year 5!


How was your Easter break?

So, I didn't eat any chocolate at all....


Hahahaha! I don't suppose my class believed that for a second. I'm afraid that I am fibbing. I ate loads!!

Extra exercise is required now so my son and I are challenging each other to complete skipping rope targets and I even did the Tshirt handstand challenge that has been floating around social media.


As growing season is now fully under way, I've been growing some veggies from seed (so far only tomatoes and courgettes). To interest my son in gardening, we have also 'planted' some cress heads. It's very easy. All you need is a container like a plastic cup or an eggshell, some damp cotton wool and some cress seeds. I'll put a photo after this message and will update when it grows.


By the way, some of the work that you have sent to me on the homework email address has arrived. It's great to see (even if I can't reply to that email). I will put bits and pieces on our class page as you send it. Remember, you can take a photograph of art work etc on a phone and email it to the homework address - it doesn't have to be digital work. Just don't include your face or last name because that can't go on the website.


I hope you are enjoying all this lovely sun like my plants are.


Miss Kyle


Cress heads



Good evening year 5,


Just a quick one to show you a photo of the cress heads. We can't believe how quickly they are growing!

Hope you are all keeping well.


Miss Kyle


Good morning Year 5,

Wow! Those cress seeds are growing quickly - have any of you done any as well?  If you have, send us in your pictures so we can see them as well.

I have been busy talking with the staff at school about plans for this term.  We have thought about some great ideas for you all and also had a chance to catch up and find out about what we all did over the holidays.

I hope you are all remembering to read at home each day.  There are lots of books on your Active Learn accounts as well as extra resources that have been linked to on the website.  If you want something to listen to some of our teachers are reading either whole stories or sections each day for you.  

I have particularly enjoyed listening to David Walliams reading either his short stories or sections from his books each day at 11 - its called his 'Elevenses' you can get to it through his website.

If you have completed any of your tasks, you can share them with us through the parent email.  They will then be sent on to each teacher to look at.

For those of you starting Ramadan either today or tomorrow we wish you a happy and reflective time with your families.

Talk to you soon,

Mrs Westmoreland


Good afternoon Year 5,


I hope you are all well and have enjoyed the first week of home schooling. This week has flown by! Growing cress is a great idea and it links in with our current topic about life cycles. If any of you are growing any plants, I would be very interested in hearing all about  it and if you can share photos through the parent email that would be great. I am sure you are all producing some great work and I have had some work shared with me. I really do appreciate the learning that is being done at home and also the support you are getting from your family. If you would like to share work with us or just want to send us a message please do so as I would love to hear from you and hear about how you have been getting on. 

Can I also reiterate the message from Mrs Westmoreland about reading. It is very important that you are all reading regularly. There is a lot of reading materials and websites that you can access. I have also been looking at the active learn accounts to see how you are all getting on and if you require any more reading materials. I have noticed that many of you are using the site and are doing a lot of the quizzes. However, there are very few books completed. This is a great resource for reading so please use it. 

“The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more you learn, the more places you’ll go.”— Dr. Seuss, “I Can Read With My Eyes Shut!”


For all who are fasting this month I wish you a blessed and safe month. 


Enjoy your weekend


Mrs Deshore

Good Evening Year 5,


I hope you have a had a good first week back at home-schooling! We are so fortunate that the weather has been lovely these past few weeks, I have been enjoying it in my hot tub in the garden! Although when my toddler gets in it and splashes me everywhere it's not as fun. indecision I would love to hear what you have been up to and if you have completed any projects. Remember to email us to keep us updated! 


For those of you that are celebrating Ramadan, Ramadan Mubarak! Our fasting started on Friday and the day seems to feel much longer being at home and not school! This Ramadan, I am hoping to stay healthy and break fasts with lots of fresh fruit, homemade bread and yogurt, dates and lots of other dried fruits. Of course there will be the odd day where I have to sneak in a couple of samosas and kebabs! wink I know many of you will be fasting too and it can be really hard to motivate yourself to work from home whilst fasting. Get as much school work as you can done in the morning, you will be feeling most fresh then! Don't leave any of your work for late in the day, you will have much less energy and motivation. The hours of the fast are long and will get longer. Remember to keep your self hydrated once you have broken your fast! 


I am currently in the process of uploading this weeks maths work for you. I added a new section last week called 'problem of the day' and I am adding a new section today called 'Morning Starters - Flashback 4'. Please make sure you check both out, they are optional in addition to the daily maths work set. 


Speak soon, 


Mrs Kharodia smiley