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Yoga for relaxation

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Regular yoga practice can create clarity and calmness in the mind. It can decrease stress and studies have shown that it can improve sleep quality. There are so many benefits to practicing yoga. Take time out for yourself each day 'breathe' relax and stretch.

Health benefits from having a pet

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The soothing sound of water is very relaxing, caring for an aquarium full of fish brings the calming effects of nature right into the home. In our hectic daily lives what ways are you finding to relax? Take time out to enjoy the little things in life.
Harold's daily Diary

Benefits of plants

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Flowers and plants increase levels of positive energy and can help you to feel relaxed. There are plants such as lavender known for their calming qualities. Enjoy time in your garden and take time out to 'enjoy each moment'. Mrs Shaikh is spending time in her garden and enjoying the beauty of some new flowers that have grown. On your daily walk today, what changes do you notice around you?

Start the day with a healthy breakfast

Porridge, rasberries and fresh orange juice

Try not to miss breakfast. Eating a good healthy breakfast gives you your first boost of energy and this is what you will carry throughout the day.  Breakfast can give you increased concentration and also helps you to maintain a healthy body weight.               What has Mrs Khan got on her breakfast tray today? Here are some more healthy breakfast ideas: Eggs, greek yoghurt, oatmeal, chia seeds, berries, green tea. What are you having for breakfast today?