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I have just uploaded new games for you to play to practise your spelling on

Miss Parmar’s SPECIAL message to the class:

Hello everyone! I hope you are all well. I thought it would be nice to have a quick catch up as I am really missing you all! I hope you’ve been completing the work on the website and also keeping fit with exercise. I started to exercise more and it reminded me of the basketball matches we played. Hopefully soon that can be the first thing we do!


What else have I been up to? I think trying something new or revisiting an old interest helps pass time in a fun way. I did a bit of baking (yummy cakes and biscuits), tried to cook new tasty dishes, tried meditation for the first time and i’ve been trying to improve my painting skills! I wonder what you’ve been up to? If you want to share what you have done or write a letter/diary (to share on the website or just me) ask an adult to email it to  I would love to hear back from you!


I also started writing your reports which I know you are looking forward to reading! When I was writing the reports, I realised that each of you had an achievement that I am  

S O    E X T R E M E L Y    P R O U D    O F  and so I thought I’d share it and hopefully make you smile :) 

What I am proud of/ what I appreciate about you:

Adam  – you helped explain maths to others and never gave up (you will do great in maths at secondary school!)

Zara – the way you started to enjoy maths and believe in yourself (you really can do anything you put your mind to!)

Navraj –  you became more confident in your own way (don’t shy away!)

Aatika – you started putting your hand up to answer more and putting yourself forward (you know more than you think!) 

Haseeb – the way you explained what you’ve understood and your ideas (I will really miss hearing about the things you had to say!)

Umat  - you never gave up even when it got tough (don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t aim higher!)

Yaseen – you finally learnt how to summarise quickly (don’t forget to check those

‘silly mistakes’! I will miss you coming to tell me where you lost that 1 precious mark!) Hamsa – your writing improved so much and your handwriting should win an award (I will miss the way you would come rushing as I called your name – I know I was your favourite teacher!)

Umar – you were always ready to help and great at sports (stay focused and you will achieve great things!)

Ismail – you have got so many great ideas (I know one day you will be an inventor of something – don’t forget to mention me in the credits!)

Avani – you became so much more confident (believe in yourself Avani, you are super smart!)

Muhammed – your basketball skills were pretty good (you were nearly as good as me in basketball! One day you will be just as good..)

Muawwiz – you really showed me how clever you are so continue to aim high (as you would say – ‘Let’s go!’)

Suhkvir – you know something about everything and everything about something

(I have finally learnt how to say archaeopteryx – something you should be proud of!)

Jasdeep – you have a great way of thinking that is different to everyone else (you are capable of achieving more than you know!)

Baldeep – you have great ideas and knowledge about fascinating things (continue with your hard work and you will go really far!)

Ammarah – you never give up (always continue to try your best – you will achieve great things!)

Husnaa – you slowly started to put yourself forward (you know more than you think so don’t shy away!)

Shabiha – you were always happy (continue to share your kindness!)

Shamiha – you were always ready to have a go (be brave in every challenge because you can do it!)

Sakina -  you have been so strong this year (you have great potential so aim high!) Joheyna – you are always ready to give it your best try (I know you will do great because you work hard!)

Soumaya – you are always ready to give it a go (never give up, you can do it!)

Ranvir – you never gave up (don’t be so hard on yourself, you are already doing the best you possibly can!)

Mann – you have learnt many new things (keep trying your best!)

Janvi – you are very determined to do well (keep challenging yourself!)

Uzair – you are always there for others and ready to work hard (I appreciate how you came to school every day happy and full of energy!)

Rahi – you never gave up (continue to work hard!)

Rudra – you were motivated to do so well (keep up all the effort, I know you will go very far!)

Marwan – you settled into a new school quickly (try your best in everything you do!)


I look forward to hearing about what you have been doing and seeing you again!! I'll update this page often. Stay positive and stay safe!

- Miss Parmar J