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Guten Tag!

Do you know what language I am saying hello in? Can you find out which country speaks this language? What else can you find out? I would love to hear what you find out. 


How are you all Disney world? I am doing fine, the wonderful weather helps me feel happy. What have you been doing to enjoy the warm sunshine? I have been doing a LOT of laundry! 


I wanted to wish those celebrating a wonderful Ramadan Kareem. How time goes so fast that the blessed month is upon us so quickly. 


I have seen so many of you completing your home learning, so for each day you have logged on and each book and game you completed i have given you a Dojo point. Maliha has even managed to reach 100 points! Congratulations Maliha you should feel very proud of yourself. I have really enjoyed seeing your photos and videos from your home learning. I have uploaded your certificate for all to see!


Stay safe, wash your hands and stay home x

All my love

Mrs Parmar- Gosal