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Mr Langley

Wednesday 14th May 2020


Hello everyone.

I hope you are all ok. It is a very strange time at the moment and there are a lot of things that I miss doing during lock-down. The thing I miss the most is seeing my family, friends and you wonderful children. I am really looking forward to seeing you all again, hopefully really soon.


I thought I would write to you today to tell you what I have been up to. If you read my last message you will remember that I was taking my dog Percy out for some lovely walks. This has not changed as he and I are still adore getting outside and enjoying the fresh air every day. I've included some more photos I took on some of our walks below.


In my last message I also shared a photo of some pots filled with seeds. I am pleased to let you know that the are growing well and will soon need planting outside. Check out the plants in my photos below. I am also continuing to read my favourite stories on my You Tube channel. Can you believe that children all over the world have watched my videos? Children from countries including Canada, Belgium and United Arab Emirates have all been watching. Use the link below to hear me read some of the stories I know you love:


Something new that I tried last week was a nature project. I was able to use an old wooden pallet to make bird-boxes. Check out the photos below showing you each step of this project. I think they're really cool.


However you are spending your time at home, I hope you are finding time each day to read. Also check the Year 2 pages of our school website for loads of learning activities to keep your brains working.

Stay safe everyone.

Mr Langley.

Out on a walk on a sunny afternoon.
I love these white plants called Cow Parsley.
Look at these seedlings now!
Bird box - 1) brake up a pallet.
2) cut the six sides.
3) drill the holes.
4) use nails to attached the parts together.
5) decorate in different colours.
6) attached a waterproof roof.
Percy and I chilling in the garden in the sunshine

Hello everyone!


I hope that you are all doing well and remaining cool in these strange times. I know that we are all finding this a bit weird, I certainly am, so I thought I would write you this message and share some of the things I have been doing to keep myself busy.


As you may know, my mum loves gardening. It's her best hobby and her garden is always spectacular! So I thought I would use this time to try and make my garden as good as hers. I have begun to grown several vegetables and herbs. At the moment they are in my greenhouse but, once the seedlings are big enough, I have many pots and a living wall which I plan to transfer them into. With continued watering, some sunshine and a bit of luck, I should hopefully have a range of home grown, healthy food to eat. Yum!


Now, as most of you know, I am married to Jenny. She thinks that I'm alright at most things but one area that she thinks I am hopeless at is using the computer. If our wifi goes down, she sorts it. If our laptop is playing up, she sorts it. So imagine her surprise when I showed her my very own YouTube Channel, which I made all by myself! It's called, 'Mr Langley' and contains videos of me reading some of my favourite books. You may recognise some of them as they're mostly books which I have shared with you through the year. If you want to check it out the link is below. Enjoy!


One thing which I have really missed is playing football and trying to stay fit. Luckily we have our wonderful dog Percy who is really helping us to maintain some kind of fitness level. During my allotted hour for exercise, Percy and I have been exploring new footpaths around the village. As the weather has been so nice, we have loved going on walks together, remembering to stay at least 2m apart from anyone that we meet.


Whatever you are doing to keep yourselves entertained, I hope it includes the work which we are setting for you to do each day. Please remember to read everyday and if you are stuck then please use the Parent's App to contact the school and we'll help you.

I am missing you all so much. I can't wait to see you all again, hopefully really soon. Remember to look after yourselves and your families (even if your big brother is a pain).


Mr Langley.

Mr Langley's photos:

A beautiful sunset on a walk with the dog.
A sheep and her lambs, seen while walking Percy.
A nice walk along the canal.
One tired mutt! (From all the walks.)
All my vegetable and herbs planted up.
Hopefully they'll grow! Wish me luck.