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Mrs O'Brien

Hello everyone!


I hope you are all keeping safe in your homes and finding lots of ways to keep busy! I am really missing seeing you everyday and  looking forward to when we can all get back to school again. 


Mr Langley, Mrs Smyth and I are continuing to put lots of activities on our web page for you to do and I am really looking forward to seeing anything you would like to bring in and show me when we are back. Hopefully you have been doing lots of lovely sketches! 


I have set myself two challenges to keep myself busy over the last few weeks-

1- to read everyday (to keep my brain active)

2- to skip everyday (to keep my body active and healthy)


So far I have managed to do both. 

1- I have been making sure I read everyday and have read 6 books so far. I hope you are all keeping reading, you know how important I think reading is! If you have run out of books at home Mr Langley has been reading books and putting them on his YouTube page 'Mr Langley reads..' you can access this on our web page. You will recognise some of the books as we have read them in class this year. 


2- I know how important it is to keep exercising at the moment to keep our bodies healthy so I have been skipping twice a day everyday. So far I have very sore muscles but feel I am getting better at skipping! I hope you are all doing some exercise everyday, whether it be something like skipping or workouts with Mr Pepper & Miss Magee from our website or PE with Joe Wicks. We always liked to do our Gonoodle in class to warm up our bodies and brains for learning. Don't forget you can always go on here and do some of the dances at home!


Keep safe and hopefully we will all be back at school together soon,


Mrs O'Brien




Hello everyone!


I hope you are all keeping well and staying safe inside your homes. I know it is not easy staying at home but it really is the safest place for us all at the moment! I am really missing seeing all your smiling faces and having our little chats every day. I love hearing about all the things you have been doing so hopefully it won't be too long until we are all together again. Do you remember meeting my Mum, Mrs H, and Jess when we went to Warwick Castle last year? They both send you a big 'hello' as well!


I hope you are finding ways to keep busy at home. Mr.Langley, Mrs Smyth and I have been working hard creating work to put out our web page for you to complete. We have put lots of Maths and English activities, as well a range of creative activities for you to have a go at on the topic page. I hope you will bring in lots of these to show me when we get back to school as I would love to see them. I thought our class was particularly brilliant at the sketches we were doing last term! I hope you are continuing to read whilst we are not at school and practicing all the skills we were working on in guided reading. If you have completed your Active Learn books there are lots of links to online books on the school web page.  


I have been keeping busy in my garden, planting new seeds to grow in the spring sunshine as well trying to dig up all the weeds that keep growing far too quickly. I am experimenting with growing some new flowers in pots on my patio and will let you know if I manage to get them to grow and flower! I am very new to gardening like this! On our 'once a day' allowed daily exercise Jess and I have been taking our dogs Meg and Louie for a walk. We have found a very quiet place across a field to take them so as not to bump to any other people. They are loving walking in the sunshine and then sleep for the rest of the day. Below is a picture of Meg sitting in her favourite place looking out of the window and Louie helping me in the garden.


I am looking forward to us all getting back to school and being together in our class again. I can't wait to teach you some more exciting Maths, English and Topic! Don't forget to keep all your work and bring it in to show me. 


See you soon for lots more fun, stay safe,


Mrs O'Brien