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Mrs Yusuf

Hello Children, 


Hope you are all well, enjoying the lovely sunshine and working hard with your home learning. This week my family and I will be baking and frying lots of goodies as we are close to Eid and for all those who are celebrating Eid, Eid Mubarak!


All take care and stay safe x


Mrs Yusuf

Tuesday 12th May 2020


Hello children,


Hope you are all well. I am well and thinking of you, wondering what you are doing. I hope you are keeping busy learning at home.


Well I have I have been busy too again lots of cleaning, cooking and spending time with my family.


Today you can see some pictures of Thumb Animal paintings that I have some done in my sketch book and I am very sure you will enjoy doing them. All you need is a good thumb 👍 paint in different colours, felt tip pen or fine liner and of course a palette or container lid and a piece of paper and enjoy your creative ideas . Till next time I will leave you with these to try.


Take care stay safe xx


Mrs S Yusuf

Thumb animals

Tuesday 5th May 2020


Hello children ,


Hope you are all well and working hard with your home learning .

I miss you all very much and would love to be back to school with you. I hope you have been doing wonderful activities with your family .

I have been keeping myself busy too with a lot of cleaning, cooking and spending time with my daughter making things.


There’s one thing I am going to share with you, it is a recipe that my daughter wanted to make called Cookies and cream fudge. It's very tasty and I am sending pictures of how we have made the fudge. If you like it you can make it too. You must get help from an adult as I want you to be safe. Hope you enjoy making them. Don’t eat them all up save so you can have a piece a day and share with your family.


See you soon take care and be safe.

From Mrs Yusuf .