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Response from the Parent Survey March 2017

A huge thank-you to everyone who completed a survey. We really appreciate the time that you took to answer the questions, share your comments and ideas.

You can find below a summary of responses.

We have also made a comparison to similar questions asked in 2015. It was great to see the improvements that you have identified.

We have included all the comments you have made.



Parent Comments from the 2017 Survey


Parent were asked a question:

"Can you describe the important changes that the school has made?"

We had a fantastic range of responses. We have organised them into five categories:

  • Responding to children’s and Parents’ concerns and worries
  • Behaviour and Safety
  • Progress and Learning
  • Parental Meetings, Information and Communication
  • Leadership of the School
  • Comments made by parents which will help to inform future school developments at Spinney Hill Primary School.


Responding to children’s and Parents’ concerns and worries

  • ‘Worry boxes very helpful for children.’
  • ‘Staff are more supportive.’
  • ‘Awareness assemblies (Internet safety meeting for parents and children)’
  • ‘Teachers – including the Head – is available to talk to parents; parents are more involved: they are invited to school on a regular basis to discuss what children will be learning in the term and how as parents we can help; regular information sent home to parents.’

Behaviour and Safety

  • Made the school safer – particularly parking.’
  • ‘The school has made a road safety group for the roads.’
  • Parking has been addressed and this has made the surrounding area safer.’
  • ‘All teachers in the playground in the morning and staff patrolling the yellow ‘zigzag’ lines.’
  • ‘Safer – new gates and no parking on yellow lines.’
  • ‘Controlling traffic at the beginning and end of the school day means it is safer to cross and also school starts early with children going in before 8:45.’
  • ‘Visibility of staff at the end and beginning of the school day; better signage regarding parking and enforcing restrictions.’
  • ‘Front gates are secure, teachers outside to making sure parents don’t park dangerously.’
  • ‘The school has made all doors secure and I’m very happy about it because of children’s safety.’

Progress and Learning

  • ‘I am happy with the teachers and with the school. I am happy that my child’s learning is good at this school and they are happy.’
  • ‘My child has made progress in maths and every subject.’
  • ‘My son has been participating more.’
  • ‘Homework is challenging enough; mid-term planning is good to see; my child feels safe at school.’
  • ‘They are giving children more opportunities.’
  • ‘Better marking and feedback.’
  • ‘Yeh! Education is known well (school is getting better); teachers look after the kids; road safety.’
  • ‘More play focus in the early years. More interaction with parents.’
  • ‘(My child is) Confident in learning; creative projects sent home e.g. making volcanos; doing well in homework.’
  • ‘Methods of teaching are excellent to help students achieve better than expected.’
  • ‘Brilliant idea of active learning; parking restrictions enforced; playground safer for all ages of pupils.’
  • ‘Gate security and safety crossing better; phoning if child is absent; library; inviting parents in; doing maths with lots of different equipment.’
  • ‘The ‘steps to success’ are very good.’
  • ‘The school has provided practice books for the children of year 6 to help them get better results and, also, reading time is arranged for them in the morning which helps them read in a quiet place to improve their reading.’
  • ‘The school has after-school clubs for the children and they have educational trips and fun trips.’
  • ‘Talk partners help the children work.’
  • ‘Better teachers and friendly first-aiders.’
  • ‘The school makes sure that parents are involved in all new topics that their child will be doing the following term.’
  • ‘Colourful boards.’
  • ‘Introduced more technology.’
  • ‘We are very lucky to have Mr. Ranzetta and Mrs Rowntree teaching ours daughters. They have learnt a lot and are working very hard.’

Parental Meetings, Information and Communication

  • There are many meetings throughout the year.’
  • ‘Communication with parents – road safety.’
  • ‘Teacher availability; parents evening; books and materials.’
  • ‘More homework given; parents able to attend assemblies and school plays.’
  • ‘There is more information on the curriculum through after school sessions.’
  • ‘Parents coming to assemblies; teachers doing topic talks – find it useful to know what my children are doing at school.’
  • ‘Improving the traffic and text messaging.’
  • ‘Having a road safety committee, new computers and a new library.’
  • ‘Text messages for reminders or any information.’
  • ‘Safety in front of the school and many meetings with the teachers during the year.’
  • ‘Lots of parent evenings; increased safety in playgrounds and halls; environment is also very good.’
  • ‘The information given out at parents workshops is very useful.’
  • ‘Internet updates; more informed; and better understanding of curriculum.’
  • More information for parents and ways of helping parents work with teachers; better facilities and better communication.

Leadership of the School

  • There have been a lot of changes; as a parent, I am very happy with the school and the staff.’
  • ‘The school has come a long way in 18 months: improvements to progress the school, teachers and children.’
  • ‘Better, focused leadership; safety concerns addressed; better teacher support; syllabus more focused and better articulated.’
  • ‘I feel there have been a lot of changes since Mrs Stretton has been Head. I hope the school will continue to improve in the future.’
  • ‘There have been lots of changes in the last couple of years which I can clearly see – thanks!’
  • ‘They have made changes and they listen to what we say. My daughters are at Spinney Hill and I am really happy: I think they’re doing everything.’
  • ‘Everything is very good.’
  • ‘The strength of the school - the teachers; the involvement in community cohesion events (weather allowing) has always been a great strength of the school.’
  • ‘It would be nice to get a summative report at parents’ evening.

Comments made by parents which will help to inform future school developments at Spinney Hill Primary School.

  • ‘I think the students need more support.’
  • ‘Extra classes with some during the school holidays.’
  • ‘Don’t agree with ‘family projects’ (re: homework)
  • ‘The English in my child’s reading books could be much better; my child prefers wearing her PE kit to school rather than getting changed there.’
  • ‘Child safety has improved vastly; however, dinner/playground supervisors’ roles should be reviewed and up-dated – they should listen to a child before taking action.’
  • ‘Can you please do something about the traffic?’
  • ‘The area in front of Stardust and Rainbow is very untidy and dangerous. I understand that objects are there for children to play with, but these should be cleared away afterwards as it’s dangerous and there is a risk of people tripping over.