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Mrs Dulay

Hi kids!


I'm back to show you yet another birthday cake I have been so busy making. It was Mr Dulay's birthday on Wednesday and let me tell you something...he is a very fussy eater! indecision It was very difficult for me to find a recipe for a cake that he would really enjoy. I know that he loves chocolate cake but I wanted to make something I have never made before so I chose to bake him a Blackforest birthday cake with lots of fresh cherries yummmmm. However, when I started looking for the ingredients I suddenly realised that we had no cherries! surprise I had to improvise and use other berries such as blueberries, raspberries and blackberries. I really enjoyed baking this cake because it was different to any of the other cakes I have made and it wasn't that difficult to make. 

Mr Dulay was so happy when he saw the cake and couldn't wait to blow out the birthday candle and cut into it. He loved it and said it was the best cake he's tasted.smiley 


When I'm not busy baking, I'm busy creating work for you to do and exercising. I make sure that I also take some time out to read and do something creative.


I hope that you are all staying safe and getting on with the work okay. Remember you can always contact us via the email and ask for help if you are struggling with any of the work or to send pictures of your amazing work. 


Missing you all lots!


Mrs Dulay

Mr Dulay's Birthday Cake

Hi everyone!


I hope you are all well. I am missing you so so much! 


I hope that you are enjoying completing the tasks that we’ve set for you on the website.


I find it really important to have a routine and stick to it during the week so getting up early to do some exercise gives me lots of energy to do my work through the day. I am also still drinking lots of water and trying to eat really healthy. 


Mr Dulay has also been working from home so he and I have set up our own work stations and have been using these areas for when we’re working.


I have been really busy and creative in the kitchen trying new recipes. Most of the things I have been busy making are cakes and sweet treats!!! 

It was my nephews birthday so I set myself a challenge of making a really big cake and there was a surprise inside. It took me 5 hours to make but I really enjoyed making it and realised just how much I love baking.


When I get bored or need some time to relax I decide to do some sketching and drawing.  


I have really enjoyed receiving everyone's emails and pictures of your amazing work! I really am so impressed and I can’t begin to tell you how proud I am of each and every one of you. You have been working so incredibly hard and everyday I look forward to seeing what else you have all been up to. 


Remember you have access to Active Learn and Spelling Shed where we are uploading activities for you. If you haven’t got your log in details please email


Don’t forget to keep sending pictures of not only the work you have been doing but also things you have done that you’ve really enjoyed like baking or creating something new. 

M Ayaan sent pictures of him making slime and M Yusuf sent a picture of him doing his work in the garden, enjoying the beautiful weather!  


Don’t forget to do the milkshake dance!! You could teach everyone in your house. Mr Dulay loves singing the milkshake songlaugh


Stay safe everyone I really do hope that I get to see you all very soon!


Mrs Dulay 

Mrs Dulay's Baking!smiley

Birthday cake

Other bakes

Mrs Dulay's sketches and drawings smiley