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Hi Children,

I’ve been trying to think of a way to keep assemblies going. Assemblies are a good way of being able to talk about issues and learn about things going on around the world. It’s really important at the moment that we carry on talking and ask questions about things that worry us or we don’t understand.

Each week on a Friday I will put up some ideas that we might have been talking about during an assembly. They all come from a new resource called Picture News.

The idea is that you look at the assembly resources and talk about it with your parents. There will be lots of things to think about or do as a family at home.

Don’t print anything off just use the resources on screen. There will be pictures to look at, questions to think about and hopefully a link to a virtual assembly, if the IT works. Don’t worry if you can’t access the virtual assembly as everything you would need will be on the page.

Each Friday I will also write a diary entry just for children. Sometime we are so busy sending messages to your parents or carers, when really we would like to just talk to you.

Can you learn to sign and sign the song, ' I can sing a rainbow'. 

Sing a Rainbow

Can you sing AND sign a rainbow?