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From now on, I will add some spelling dictations for you to try. Listen to each recording as often as you need and try to write the sentence. Remember to be careful about punctuation!


Once you are sure that the sentence is correct, check the answer sheet. Give yourself a tick for each word that you got right, an each tick for each key spelling word that got right and for each piece of punctuation. There is a bonus point for knowing what type of sentence it is.


I will also create an audio file that you can use to test yourself with the spelling list.

30.3.20 sentence 1.mp3

30.3.20 sentence 2.mp3

30.3.20 sentence 3.mp3

spelling 'test' or practice


Dictation sentence 1


Dictation sentence 2


Dictation sentence 3

20.4.2020 Spelling 'test' or practice

27.4.20 sentence 1.mp3

27.4.20 sentence 2.mp3

27.4.20 sentence 3.mp3

27.4.20 spelling practice or test.mp3