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Spelling Shed- See who has collected the most honey pots!!!!

Parents please use the following website to access Spelling Shed.

There are lots of phonic games that you can play and lots of points that you can collect!!. Let's see who the top scorer in Stonehenge will besmiley


If you have forgotten your logging in details, then please call/email school and they will send me a message and I will get back to you.

Well done children you have been working really well and as a team we have earnt 42,469,954 points, putting us in 5th place in the whole of the school. Well done to all of you. 



Top Scorers- Well done to all of you for having a go!!!!

(updated on 30/06/20)


1st Place- Rhythm - 16,037 honey pots (you are 5th in the whole school)

2nd Place- Jainish - 10,273 honey pots 

3rd Place- Umaymah- 7,325 honey pots

4rd Place- Aisha - 3,186 honey pots

5th Place- Sarah- 2,419 honey pots 

6th Place- Liyana - 1,597 honey pots

7th Place- Haleema - 690 honey pots

8th Place- Farhan - 332 honey pots

9th Place- Abdur Rahman - 315 honey pots

10th Place- Ali- 179 honey pots



Come on let's see if you can get on the leader board and earn some Dojo Points to!!!!!!!!!!!