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Mrs Patel and Mrs Mahil

Wednesday July 1st 2020


Dear children,


How are you all? I cannot believe that it’s July already and school is finishing as we’re back in lockdown. It has been a strange end to the year but I just wanted to say I’ve really enjoyed teaching you all and loved seeing you growing up. I have really missed hearing all your news and hope that when you start school in Year 2 you come and tell me what you have been up to.

You should have by now all received your packs from school for you to complete during the holidays. It’s really important that you keep reading (access Active Learn to read more books) and carrying on with the maths activities.


Remember you can still access Active Learn and Spelling Shed. If you have any work that you would like to share then please contact us on


Look after yourselves and see you all when you are in Year 2.


Stay safe and take care,

Mrs Patel.

Monday 15th June 2020


Dear children,


Hope you are all well.


It’s been really lovely seeing some of you at school over the last few weeks. We’ve been busy reading, writing and doing lots of work.


Can you believe that it’s the middle of June, this year has flown by and one that we will definitely not forget! It was really nice to speak to some of you last week, I’ll try and make some calls to the rest of you over the next few weeks.


I can see that some children have been accessing Active Learn and Spelling Shed, well done! See if you can beat your old scores. Please contact us if you are struggling with getting onto any of these sites.


Finally please continue to share the work you have been doing at home. You can email us on


Have a good week children.


Stay safe and take care,


Mrs Patel.

Monday 1st June 2020


Hello children


I didn’t have the chance to write to you last week because I was working at school but this morning it’s been lovely to see some of the children in school.


Remember you can let us know your news by sending an email to

Stay safe and take care.


Mrs Patel

Friday 22nd May 2020


Hello Children,


I just wanted to say Eid Mubarak to you and all your families who are celebrating Eid this weekend. I know the celebrations won’t be the same as normal but I’m sure you’ll have a wonderful time.


Best wishes.


Mrs Patel and Mrs Mahil.


Tuesday May 19th 2020


Good morning children,


How are you all doing? Hope you’ve had a good week. Well last week flew by and now we’re in Week 9 of lockdown. I cannot believe that it’s half term next week!


I’ve been busy writing your reports and planning lessons as normal. I chat to Mrs Mahil, Mrs Dulay and Miss Rai a few times a week, often on a video call. We catch up on what has been going on and then discuss all the work we have to do. I've also been in touch with Miss Ilfan, Mrs Aslam and Mrs Yusuf who are missing you all. 


So last week I made some red velvet cupcakes and some flapjacks with my daughter which we enjoyed doing together. My son really likes an Indian sweet called shrikhand which I have been making every couple of weeks, I’ve attached a photo of this, have you had this before?


One of the places we like to get a take out from is Grounded Kitchen and as they’re closed this week I tried to replicate their Buddha bowls. I’ve attached some pictures, let me know what you think!


On Sunday we played a family game of Settlers of Catan which is a game which has lots of different parts that you can attach to make it more exciting. It took us three hours to finish and it was great fun, although I didn’t win!


Apart from that I’ve been walking daily and catching up with my family and friends on Zoom.

Have a lovely week children and stay safe. Missing you all.


Mrs Patel

Tuesday 12th May 2020


Good afternoon children,


How are you all?

We’re in the eight week of lockdown and I’m missing you all. As I write your reports I think of our time at school and all the learning, fun and laughter we have had this school year!


I’ve been doing lots of school work and last week I started going back to my yoga classes. These are via Zoom so I have to log onto my iPad and the teacher runs the classes from her lounge! She can see us all and tells us if we need to improve our postures or work harder. It was hard starting back after 6 months off but I felt I achieved something.


I also made some lemon slices which we all thought were delicious!


I can see that some of you have been logging onto Ed Shed and I was pleased to see that we are in 10th place (in the whole school) so keep practising your spellings and see if we can move up the target board!


1       3 LC                                  178,157,356

2      3 Great Pyramids                  169,119,306

3       Empire                              150,251,066

4       Mrs Bhamji's phonics group         134,006,756

5       Eiffel Tower                        126,118,190

6       4AP                                 125,535,624

7       Sydney Opera House                122,076,820

8       6KB                                  85,580,234

9       Stonehenge                          34,810,464

10      Taj Mahal                            25,078,080



It would be really nice to see what you have been up to. Please send some pictures of what you have been up to. You can email us on


Hope you and your families are well and I’ll write again next week.


Stay safe and take care,


Mrs Patel.

Lemon slices

Tuesday 5th May 2020


Morning Children,


Week 7 of lockdown already!


How are you all doing?


I’m getting used to working from home. I have found that it is really important to have a daily routine so I get up early and go for a walk before logging on. Every day Mrs Mahil, Mrs Dulay, Miss Rai and I have a call to discuss what we’ll be doing. It’s been really nice to ‘see’ them on a daily basis as we miss chatting and having a laugh together. We often have a virtual breakfast meeting!


During my spare time I’ve been reading, I’m downloading books on my Kindle on a weekly basis.

I’ve been cooking lots of different dishes, some things I’ve not made for years which has been fun.


Most evenings we have been playing games as a family. We play lots of board games, different card games and games like Categories and Countdown where you have to see who finishes first. We are all very competitive in our family and like to win so it’s been interesting!


Please share what you have been doing at home, you can email us on


Stay safe and take care children.


Mrs Patel.


Some of Mrs Patel's cooking / baking during lockdown

Evening games at the Patel household

Wednesday 29th April 2020


Good afternoon children,

Can you believe it has been 7 weeks since I last saw you all! I am missing you all a lot and missing our school too. I hope that you are all keeping safe and well. It has been a very strange time but I am now getting used to it all and used to my new routines. I hear that you are all doing well with your new routines and home learning. Me and Mrs Patel have seen some amazing pieces of work that your parents have been sending to us. This has made us smile and feel really proud of you all. We were amazed with Khadijah's letter to us, it was very sweet and 'wow',  your handwriting is fantastic! Please keep sending in photos of your work, we really enjoy seeing what you have been up to!

I have been busy doing some home learning too. Mr Wheeler has been sending homework for us teachers to do, some of it is a bit tricky, but I am going to try my best to complete them. I have also been following the PE lessons by Joe Wicks every morning. I don’t know about you, but I feel exhausted after each workout! I’ve also been taking part in some Cosmic Yoga too. 

When I am not doing my work, I am trying to keep my little daughter busy, (or should I say she has been keeping me busy!). During the Easter holidays we made some Easter treats and had an Easter egg hunt. When it was Mother's Day, my daughter had planted me a sunflower so we have been watering it every day. We've been doing lots of messy play too. Me and my daughter have also made a time capsule and made some salt dough handprints to put in our time capsules along with some memorabilia. This was lots of fun!

Take care

Mrs Mahil 

Sunday 27th April 2020


Dear Children


How are you all? I am missing you all a lot.


I was working in school last week and it felt really strange being at Spinney Hill and not seeing you all! First thing on Monday morning I went to our classroom and it was so quiet without all of you there. It was very unusual.


At school last week we did lots of different things. One of the activities that we did was called the line and dot mindfulness which I really enjoyed, I’ve added the link so you can have a go. Have a look at my line and dot patterns below. It was very relaxing to do with some classical music in the background. Have a go!


Have a great week.

Mrs Patel

Line and dot mindfulness patterns


Sunday April 19th 2020


Good evening children,


It’s Mrs Patel. I hope you are all well and had a good Easter break. I just wanted to let you know that we are missing you all and wanted you to know that you can get in touch with us by emailing on


Please share what you have been doing at home and we can share your work and photos with the rest of your friends.


Make the most of this time and spend it with your family. This is a great time to learn a new skill. I have been cooking lots of different dishes and baking cakes. During the day I have been going for my daily walk and I am managing to read lots of books. After dinner each evening as a family we all play board games (some take hours to finish)!


So finally all I want to say is stay safe and take care.


Mrs Patel

Monday 30th March 2020


Good Morning Children,


Hope you are all well. We are all missing you!


We hope you are enjoying completing the tasks that we’ve set for you.


We have all tried to get into a routine, getting up at the same time, exercising with Joe Wickes from 9.00 – 10.00 (in the afternoon Miss Magee and Mr Pepper). We have all set up our own work stations and have been using these areas for when we’re working.


We have been adding lots of things on the website for you to do, lots of cooking ideas for you to try with your families. We have all been creative in the kitchen and trying new recipes with our own families. Mrs Mahil has made some lovely fruit kebabs with her daughter,


Use this time at home to get games out (Mrs Patel has been playing Monopoly, Settlers of Catan and lots of board games with her children). This is a great time to play games with your families.  


Remember you have access to Active Learn and Spelling Shed where we are uploading activities for you. If you haven’t got your log in details please email and we will forward these to you.


We have added a 'Easter Holidays Homework' folder where you can find some fun Easter activities to keep you busy during the holidays.  


Stay safe and take care.


Mrs Patel and Mrs Mahil.