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Good Morning children! I hope you have all had a lovely weekend. 

This week let's go on a mini beast hunt!

Whilst out on your daily walk or in your garden see what different mini beasts you can spot.

Maybe you could use a camera or your parent's phones to take pictures of the mini beasts you can see.

I would love to see what you find on your hunt. 

You can print out the mini beast hunt sheet to help you!

Have fun and enjoy the lovely weather. smiley

Mini beast hunt

Listen to The Grouchy Ladybird story. 

See if you can spot any ladybirds on your hunt. 

The Grouchy Ladybug by Eric Carle - Read for you with SILLY VOICES by VidsWithRy [CC]

Eric Carle's wonderful tale of a ladybug's adventures. This was one of my son's favorites! Hope you like it too. :) Music: A Day to Remember by Bensound, roy...

I hope you had fun on your mini beast hunt and found lots of creepy crawlys out there. Im sure you were all kind to the mini beasts and were gentle. 

In your garden or at the park have a go at making a big hotel.

You will need to collect sticks, leaves, rocks and stones. Have a look at some of the ideas. Once you have made your bug hotel you can collect some bugs to put in or just wait until they come in themselves. 

Bug Hotels

Bug Hotels  1
Bug Hotels  2
Bug Hotels  3
Picture 1