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Hello Reception Children.

I hope you are all well and keeping safe. 

Have a go at some of the activities over the Easter Holidays.  

We would love to see all the experiments you are doing at home, so send some pictures into Please remember to start the email off with the teachers name and class name e.g. AMangat- Stonehenge. 

Have fun!smiley

Hello everyone. 

Before school closed, we went to Spinney Hill Park on a scavenger hunt! We had such fun, now with health and safety being most important, we must stay safe at home, but you can complete a scavenger hunt in your garden! I will leave the sheet just below or you could make your own up! We would love to see your hunts, email us and we will share your amazing work on our website! Happy hunting!

Picture 1 Abu Bakr finds a rough leaf
Picture 2 Maliha finds a yellow flower
Picture 3 The girls find a smooth leaf
Picture 4 We find a spider web
Picture 5 The children find a rough bark
Have a look at how Easter is celebrated around the world.

Freezing and Melting Easter Eggs

For a rainy day.