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Hello everyone. Why not try and plant some really easy to grow herbs and vegetables. Have a look at JB from Down on the Farm for few ideas. Did you know that JB came to our school a few years ago to plant some trees. We were all so excited to see him x

CBeebies | How to Grow Garlic | Down on the Farm

Down on The Farm shows us how to grow garlic greens in just a few easy steps! Watch more Down on the Farm here

CBeebies | How to Grow Chilli Peppers | Down on the Farm

Emma and her dad Mark show us how to grow your own spicy chilli peppers in this clip from Down on the Farm. You will need: A plant pot with holes in the bott...

CBeebies | How To Grow Basil | Down On The Farm

Here's something you and your little one can have a go at over the weekend - why not grow your own basil? Visit us at