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Welcome to thinking Thursday everyone. How are you all today? what have you been doing. How have you been feeling and what have you been doing? As part of Mental Health Awareness week, what have you been doing to be kind at home? 


Today we are going to be playing another phonic game. An adult at home will need to help you with the game.


Put a lid on it!


If, like me, you've got a fair few takeaway containers in the cupboard then this activity is an easy one to set up.


Put an object inside each of the boxes (it could just be pictures), stick some masking tape on the lids (you can just write directly onto the lid with a marker pen if you don't mind) and then write the names of the objects inside on to the lid. Remove the lids and it's your child's job to read the word and put it onto the matching box. Children love little boxes and putting lids on them! Great for developing fine motor control too.


 In the photos the boxes have the words 'duck', 'cup', 'lock',  'fox', 'fish', 'car', 'sheep', 'farmer', 'fork', 'spoon' and 'train'.  Have fun and let me know how you got on.

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5