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Hola Disney , que tal? 

Do you know what language I greeted you in today? Can you find out which countries speaks this language? What do their flags look like?


I'm hoping to make some math videos about shapes today, make sure you check the math home learning to see what i have been doing. I'll also be reading some stories for you to enjoy. What books have you been reading that you enjoyed?


This week my goal is to go for longer walks, staying home is extremely important, but lack of exercise is not been good for me! I'm lucky there are lots of parks around me and I have been keeping my social distance. One day as I set out on my daily walk, a herd of cows appeared out of nowhere, had a drink of water, ate some grass and disappeared! It was so exciting to see but so bizzare as I have no idea where they came from!


What exciting things have happened to you this week?


All my love

Mrs Parmar- Gosal