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Good morning children and parents. I hope that you are all well. Please email me if there is something you do not understand or need help with. I will try my best to answer any queries that you may have. Please email to Please start your email with "For Mrs. Patel Stonehenge".


Today we will be looking at another trigraph. Can you remember what a trigraph is? It is 3 letters that make one sound. Yesterday we looked at the air phoneme. Today we are going to learn the ure phoneme.

The ure sound normally comes at the end of a word. These are all words that have ure at the end.

pure, sure, lure, manure, treasure, secure, insure and nature. Can you think of any more words that have ure in them.


Look below at the videos to help you learn the ure sound.

'ure' Words | Phonics Phase 3

Alphablocks - Word Magic "C-URE"