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Hello children and parents. Welcome to wacky Wednesday and I hope that you are all happy and well. It has been a very long time since we last saw you and we miss you all so much. We know that lots of you are looking at our website and it really nice to receive messages from you all. Sometimes it seems that there is so much choice of what learning you can do. So don't worry if you cannot do everything, everyday. Take your time and do what you can. The most important thing is that you stay happy and well. It is a very strange time at the moment and it can be difficult for the adults that you live with to always find time to do all the learning. So do what you can.


Today in phonics we are going to have a go at playing a game of Bail Phonics Out!



With the weather set to be warmer over the next week this is a nice water play activity that can easily be adapted to focus on initial sounds, digraphs/trigraphs, decodable words or tricky words.


Grab a few transparent containers, write some letters or words on some small pieces of card and tape them to the underside of the containers. Fill each container with some clear water so that it covers the card at the bottom. You could use some water and chocolate milkshake powder but you could use a tea bag or some food colouring, just anything that you can't see through. Your child's job is to use a small cup or pot to bail out the water and reveal the letter/word at the bottom. They can then say the sound or read the word once they can see itHave fun and remember to send me your photos (start with for Mrs.Patel Stonehenge).



Bail Phonics Out!

Bail Phonics Out! 1
Bail Phonics Out! 2
Bail Phonics Out! 3
Bail Phonics Out! 4
Bail Phonics Out! 5
Bail Phonics Out! 6