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Week commencing 18th May 2020

Good morning Acropolis,


How was your weekend? What new facts/skills did you learn? I learnt how to make a delicious banana bread! It is very easy- similar recipe to baking cupcakes! If you have any old bananas, DO NOT throw them away! Instead, make a healthy banana bread and if you have any dried fruit around, toss those into the mix, too!


Did you manage to take any photos, or keep a record of the different species of birds you saw last week? Well, I realised how difficult it actually is to take a photo of any bird! As soon as I was about to take the shot, it flew away! They would rather fly around than pose for a photograph! If you managed it then well done- you did a lot better than me! However, I did manage to jot down the different birds that visited my garden and local area:


Garden- magpie, great tit, pigeon, sparrow, wren, collared dove, robin, blackbird and chaffinch.

Local area (lake) - red kite, swan, moorhen, mallard, egret, Canadian goose and heron.


Anywhere near water, you will see a variety of different aquatic birds that are well-adapted to live in their habitat. What makes them different to birds that live on land? Well, find out and let me know! Here is a useful website for you to explore:


This week’s challenge is simple: create a den in your garden, or somewhere in your house, using old sheets/cushions and curl up with a book! Nothing beats a cosy spot, a refreshing drink and a good book. Can life actually get any better than this? It does not matter what book you choose as long as you are reading! Begin each day by getting your heart and muscles working with Joe Wicks, satisfy your hunger with a nutritious lunch and then escape the world for half an hour or so as you delve into a new adventure! Keep me informed about what books you are reading by writing a short book review. I will post your reviews on here so we can get Acropolis reading!


Have a great week of reading, reading and READING!


Keep safe, keep in contact and keep learning!

Miss Anaxagorou