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week of 11th May (Summer 1 - week 4)

10.5.2020 (for 11.5.2020)


Hello year 5,


Well, my day to write is Monday but as I was on the computer this evening (Sunday), I thought I'd write now. I loved Mrs Kharodia and Easa's butterfly picture last week. If any of you do anything like that, we'd love to see it so send it in! I also fancied making a cake like Mrs Westmoreland but my oven broke last week crying. My new one came today so maybe I'll make one this week.


As to the Harry Potter reading, I've made that today's (Monday 11th) reading tasks and written some questions for you to answer at the same time laugh. While I'm on the subject, I finished recording all of Truckers so I decided to put all of the recordings on the website this afternoon. You can even listen to them one a day or all at once - it's up to you!


Did you do anything special for V.E. day on Friday? We had a sunny picnic lunch in the garden. The sun seems to have disappeared again today though, hasn't it?


I don't have much in the way of interesting photos so here's a new pasta recipe I made up this week, our picnic lunch and some more flowers.


Keep safe,

Miss Kyle






Good Morning Year 5!


How are you all? We are still waiting to hear from you or see some pictures or videos of what you have been up to! 
The teachers keep in touch with each via WhatsApp and online video calls a couple of times a week, it's nice to see each other and feel some sort of 'normality'. Lot's of people keep in touch with their friends and family through online video calls and participate in a quiz day or night for fun! Have you done any quizzes with friends or family?


I wonder if any of you have learnt a new skill over the past few weeks, or is there something you have improved on? I have been trying to read texts in Arabic everyday since the lockdown began to increase my fluency! 

As for the week...well the days are busy when you have a toddler running about! We have had a great weekend in the sun, Eesa wanted me to keep the hose pipe on his slide and so he could slide down it like a water slide and then land into his paddling pool! That was pretty fun for him but tiring for me sad We've been doing some crafts (I've attached a picture), he found a strand of my hair and stuck it on his person to make his 'mummy', I thought that was funny and creative although I have no idea where he found my hair from! laugh Finally, we try everyday to do an activity where we learn our shapes, colours and numbers. I've attached some pictures and videos for you to enjoy.


Take care and stay safe, 


Mrs Kharodia 


Still image for this video

13/05/20 - Wednesday 

Wow the day flew past so quickly I didn't even get a chance to put on my message to you all!  I was in Zoom meetings for most of the day and hardly even had time to grab lunch I was so busy.  

Hope you are doing well at home with your families.  I have been noticing the changes outside a lot at the moment and seeing how quickly different trees are in flower and those in my garden too.  This morning I noticed that I could still see the moon really clearly when I got up as well. For those of you who are waiting to celebrate Eid soon I expect you are looking at it too - not too long to wait now.

I managed to finish a book I was reading so that made me really pleased, but now I have the challenge of deciding what to read next - go back and read a book I have enjoyed before or try a new one.  I have a few saved on my Kindle so I don't run out but I enjoy going back to some of my favourites.

I hope you are all keeping busy, remember to ask for help if you need it with any of the activities and also let us know if you lose you log in details for any of the online games or books and we can sort that out as well. 

Take care,

Mrs Westmoreland 



Afternoon Year 5,


How are you all? I hope you have had a good week. I can't believe it is Friday already. I was just doing some colouring with my daughter. It was so relaxing. I forgot how much I enjoyed colouring. The weather has been kind this week so we have been going on some nice long walks which has been fun. Hope you have managed to get some fresh air and some outdoor excercise. Anayah made some flapjacks this week. They were really tasty.  I let her measure the ingredients and follow the recipe. All I had to do was put the tray in the oven and take it out and obviously be the chief taster. Have you done any cooking or helped with any cooking? Please share. I would love to hear how you are getting on so please send us a message through the parent app. 

I hope you all have a lovely weekend and I hope to write you to you again next Friday.


Take care 


Mrs Deshore