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Week of 16th June (Summer 2 - week 3)



Good afternoon year 5,


Well here we are in week 3 back at school with the year 6. We have to eat lunch in the classroom before going outside so I've shown them a few episodes of Doctor Who already (I'm sure that my class is shocked about that!)


Being back at school does mean that I haven't got any interesting photos to show you I'm afraid. My courgette plants have turned into monsters (they have filled my greenhouse!) and I've started getting the courgette fruit from them. It's incredible to think they were tiny seeds so recently. I've also made a few batches of pesto from my basil plants and frozen plenty for the future.


I hope you are all keeping well,


Miss Kyle





Hello Year 5, 


How are you all? I hope you are all doing well. I am currently in school with the year 6's. They are on TT Rocks stars trying to win the battle against my class. Come on 5 Machu Picchu!  They are beating us!


What have I been up to this week, well as I have been in school, I have been teaching maths and English which I have really enjoyed. Being back in school, I have really missed your little happy faces. I do hope you are all getting on with your learning Ok. I also hope you are all reading lots. Remember, we are here to help so if you need any please let us know via the parents app. You can also share what you have been doing. I would love to hear from you. 


Anyway I am going back to teaching now. I will write to you all soon. 


Take care and hope you all have a lovely weekend. 


Mrs Deshore