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Week of 18th May (Summer 1 - week 5)

Good afternoon Year 5,


Well, what can I tell you about life here 'a casa nostra' (other than how grey my hair is getting crying)?  


I've had quite a creative weekend. At the end of last week, I finally finished the crochet monkey that I was making for my friend's new baby. I had to put it in a plastic bag to 'quarantine' it for a few days before giving to them - poor monkey! On Saturday, I got out my mono-printing equipment to have a play. That was something I had hoped we could do in the class before the summer but we shall have to see how things go with that idea. Then, on Sunday, I started a crochet 'Ludo' (a character from the film - The Labyrinth). I think he will take a very long time to finish though so don't expect much of an update by next week!

The last picture is of our class plants - can you see how much they have grown!?They obvious like being in the greenhouse and getting plenty of water.


Hope you are al keeping well,

Miss Kyle

Good morning Year 5,

How are you all? I cant believe it's already my turn to write to you! The week does go quick. Not much to report this week. Me and Eesa have been collecting cardboard boxes and making lots of tunnels and dens.
After watching us, his dad has promised to make him a tree house with some wood panels that we have. That will be an interesting project. I've also spent some time shopping around for his Eid gifts. I haven't got much yet, only a game of Hungry Hippos!

For those of you celebrating Eid this weekend, I would like to wish you and your families an Eid Mubarak! It will be very different this year, not celebrating with our extended families but we must remember it is in our best interests to stay safe. You can still have plenty of fun at home with your immediate family, eating lots of treats and enjoying the weather. I would love to know what you got up to or what gifts you received. 

Take care,

Mrs Kharodia

Hello Year 5,


How are you all? I hope you have had  a good week. I cannot believe it is Friday already. We have had some lovely weather. I hope you have had the opportunity to enjoy the sunshine. Next week is half term, it is weird to think it is half term when we have been at home for so many weeks. I am planning on doing lots of baking with Anayah next week. Last few weeks, I have been busy with school work and trying to home school Anayah so I am looking forward to having a break next week. There will be activities  on here if you wish to do some however please have a break and relax. For those of you who celebrate Eid, I hope you have a lovely day with your families.  Enjoy the delicious food and presents and most importantly time with your loved ones.


I am still waiting to hear from you. Please share what you have been up to through the parent app..


Enjoy next week and stay safe.


Mrs Deshore






I quick extra from me for tomorrow...

Miss Kyle