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Week of 27th April


Happy Wednesday Everyone!


Hi all of you. 

I hope you have had a good week, it seems like ages since I have written to you.  I have had a busy time catching up with the staff at school via Zoom and some messages to the other year 5 teachers using Whats App.  I hope you are managing to stay in touch with your families, we have a big call every couple of weeks with my aunts and uncles and their children too so we can see what is going on for us all.  Its also a great time to get ides for different activities to try while we are all at home.  

I said I have been busy below are some of the things I have been up to - Gardening (I hope to get some cherries off the tree in the summer), cooking (this was a pasta bake I made with my daughter),  and also looking after our hamster, Nibbles (actually my daughter's hamster but she is good at letting us all have a play with her). 

Each teacher will be writing to you with an update each day and we may try and direct you to particular things on the website.  Stay well and look after each other at home.

Mrs Westmoreland


Good evening year 5!

Usually, I'll be writing to you on Mondays but I just thought I'd give you an update on the cress heads. The first photo was last Saturday (25.4.2020) and the second one is today. They grew so quickly! We did wonder why some worked better than others. Maybe the one that is more open dried out too much? Maybe the one that is more closed didn't get enough light? There's an interesting science experiment there. Anyway, it looks like we'll have to make some egg and cress sandwiches soon. I'll let you know how they taste...

Miss Kyle


How did I not know this existed? -

This website has all sorts of lockdown goodies everyday.

I'll definitely be checking that out. Have a look.

Miss Kyle



I will say nothing, just add pictures... yummy!