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What can you see in this picture?

What can you see in this picture? 1

Life cycles are very interesting, remind your child about how our Caterpillars changed into butterflies. What will happen next to those butterflies?

Explain that the butterflies will lay eggs and then the life cycle begins again. 


Now look at at this picture what can you see?

Talk about the changes in each picture. 

Write something about what you see. 

‘I can see........’

Write a sentence. 

Say the sentence and clap the words

Count how many words in your sentence.

write each word on the line

Rember to form letters correctly.


What will you find out about?

What will you find out about? 1

It is getting warmer and have you noticed anything different in your house?  I noticed a spider on the wall and then I saw another one in the kitchen.


Have you ever wondered where the spiders all go in Winter? And how come you see so many more spiders in Summer.


Today I want you to research all about spiders and write down what you find out about them. If you would rather find out about another minibeast why not research about it instead. Find out something new. Draw pictures too and do send them on parentapp.


Picture 1

Good morning everyone.

How did you do with your minubeast writing yesterday? Here’s a question for you all -Are you  interested in writing?

If the answer is ‘No’ then we need to change things to make it work for us. First of all you need to be super excited because the way your child feels about writing will ‘shine through this their writing. Today ask your child “what do you want to write about? 

Enjoy writing about their own interests. Send work to Parentapp.

Describe a minibeast

Describe a minibeast 1

Write sentences about any minibeast that you find interesting. a ...........colour.

The..........has got a ..........pattern on its’ body.

The ........has got ...... legs.