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Well done Iqra for having a go with the maths learning, ill share these wonderful photos in the Maths section too.

Samaiya breaking a Ramzan fast with a delicious burger

Hi Samiaya, it lovely to see your photos as always, well done for having a go. I've added a dojo point for your home learning. 

Well done Hasnain in practicing your tricky words. It's lovely to see your photos. I have added a a Dojo point for your home learning

Well done Iqra for knowing which language I was greeting you in! I loved seeing your work and I felt quite proud. I'm impressed to see you doing a word search, it takes a lot of concentration and determination. I can't wait to see what you get up to next week. I've added 2 Dojo points for your home learning. Iqra when I saw your photos i had to check twice it was you! I feel you've grown so much over the weeks. 


Hello Hasnain 

Thank you for sending in your picture, its nice to see you enjoying the sunshine. 

Thank you Samaiya for sending me your photo, you look so sweet and your strawberries look so juicy! I am so proud to hear how you are embracing home learning no matter how frustrating it can be. Look forward to seeing more photos from you. 

Thank you for sharing your home learning with me and emailing me, i really do love hearing from you !

Iqra it was fantastic to see you learning and doing PE to Mr Pepper and Mrs Magee! I loved hearing your laughter.


Maliha you are just making me say WOW! I'm so impressed with you and just seeing your work blows me away!