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Vision and Values

We are currently reviewing our school mission, vision and values.

Our school has improved a lot over the last two years. We have all worked hard together as staff, governors, children , parents and carers to make sure that our children get the best chances to achieve.


We want to review the mission, vision and values of the school so that it represents the changes we have made and is clear that we want to be even better.


Our Mission tells us what our school is about

Our vision describes what we want the school to look like in the future.

Our values represent what we believe is important to always remember about our school.


Our school community is changing. Over the last two years we have welcomed  children from new different countries. Children speak many different languages now at Spinney Hill than in the past.

It is important that children from all nationalities and the languages they speak are reflected in the culture of our school.

We all need to work together to teach our children about how fortunate they are to live in such a diverse community.


Please take the time to read our proposed new Mission, Vision and Values below.

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On Parents Evening in both halls there will be an opportunity to share your comments and add your own ideas.

Thank-you for taking the time to read this.

Mrs Stretton

Aims, Values & Vision up to April 2017


All members of the Spinney Hill family (staff, children and their families and Governors ) should be equally valued and have ownership and support for the aims of Spinney Hill. We work together to achieve our vision.

Our Aims




  • All people have equal access to a well-planned, broad and balanced curriculum which recognises and provides for a range of differing individual needs and which allows people to achieve their full potential.
  • Our provision caters for the social, emotional, intellectual, physical, technological, aesthetic, spiritual and moral development, enabling each person to achieve their ambitions.
  • People have access to a differentiated global curriculum based on practical first hand experiences, relevant to the world in which we live.
  • Opportunities are provided to develop and share a wide range of skills, concepts, attitudes and values in order that we can gain knowledge, satisfaction and enjoyment from our learning, to make the most of our opportunities.
  • We create an establishment based on good planning, organisation and review where successes are acknowledged, celebrated and built upon in a cycle of continuous improvement.
  • We work with parents to improve the quality, extent and relevance of the learning opportunities for the children at Spinney Hill.



  • An environment in which learning is encouraged, valued and enjoyed. A place where self-esteem is enhanced. Where people are able to work independently or as part of a team.
  • A management and leadership style which provides information and support and actively encourages participative decision making. A style which recognizes achievements and success and builds on the positive.
  • An environment which is tolerant towards differences and which encourages mutual respect for the individual and their heritage, with a climate that provides equal opportunities for all.
  • An establishment that is forward and outward looking, and prepared to change for the better.
  • A mutually supportive environment in which everyone can participate as active learners.
  • A no blame ethos where good communication, effective teamwork and support for each other is the norm.
  • An environment which recognizes and values the family’s central role in the education process and enables the school, home and community to work together.
  • Learning opportunities and a learning environment for local women, parents and children that reflect their needs and helps them to gain awareness and understanding of the issues that affect their lives.

Our Values




  • We all learn most effectively when parents, staff, children and community work together in partnership.
  • It is important to value the individual, the family and the team, recognizing their strengths and needs.
  • The cultural, religious, racial and linguistic diversity of the school and community is a positive asset which should be shared and developed in order that we build a more tolerant, harmonious society.
  • Learning is a lifelong process and that it can be an enjoyable, stimulating, satisfying and relevant experience.
  • All people who learn with us should have access to the highest quality teaching and learning environment.
  • People should receive opportunities which enable them to develop into self-disciplined, caring, responsible, independent, confident people who learn the necessary skills to participate fully in school and community life.

Our Vision


Building a better future together